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Hey you! yeah you! what are you looking at? don't deny it, i saw you eyeballing me! whats your problem? are you some kind of stalker or something? are you?

Whats That Smirk For?[edit]

Why are you smirking? is there something funny? do i look like a clown to you!? Do i look like Robert freaking de Niro to you? do you think i'm here to entertain you?! you think i'm a joke.. We'll let me tell you something buddy! i have a PHD in Calculus.. i can calculate the derivative of the summation of time it will take me to take that wimpy ass of yours all the way around town! and i don't just mean your donkey!

What are you talking about, Medications?[edit]

What do you mean did i take my medication? i ain't on any damn medication! i only take herbal supplements that augment my bodies special mineral requirements. Why? we'll you see since birth i had this chronic ailment that.. hey! hey! wait a minute!? your getting off topic here!

What do you mean i Started it?[edit]

Hey your the one who asked why i was taking herbal supplement! are you a retard or something? and why the hell were you staring at me a little while ago?! do you know me from some conference or something? Oh you don't know me, then why the hell were you looking at me!!!

smirking old guy.

What do you mean you weren't looking at me?[edit]

oh, your blind? oh I'm so sorry man. my bad. i thought your were looking at me behind those sunglasses of yours. let me make it up to you, you want to have some coffee or something.. no? thats cool.. I'm sorry again man..

Damn! Cant believe that guy was Blind[edit]

WHAT!?! HE WASN'T? i don't believe that guy! I'm gonna beat his ass with that wheelchair of his! where the hell is he!?! HEY YOU! COME BACK HERE YOU!