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E.T. tu, fell asleep.”

~ Julius Caesar on being abducted by Shaun of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead

Film poster for Shaun of the Dead
Directed by Edgar Write
Produced by Nira Pork
Written by Sin Pegg

Edgar Write

Starring Sin Pegg

Kate Ashfield
Nick Frost
Lucy Davis
Dylan Moran Oscar Wilde Chuck Norris

Distributed by Flag of the United States.svg
Rogue Pictures

non-US United International Pictures

Release date(s) Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
April 9, 2004

Flag of the United States.svg

September 24, 2004
Running time 99 min.
Language English
Budget $4,000,000 (est.)
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Shaun of the Dead is known the world over as the best movie to combine Zombies, Comedy, and Love. All these elements form a movie that should remain in people's hearts for an average of about 48 seconds, which spastically, is the length of the DVD's special features.


The movie starts off with a very fat idiot named Shaun with a very high look on his face. Apparently he wears this look a lot in the movie, though it's his stoner friend, played by Nick Frost, who does all the smoking. Shaun has a tissy fit with his girlfriend, after she learns that has slept with Tom Cruise 37 times. Then things get really crazy during the second coming of Jesus which causes all the zombies (who were there all along, we didn't notice it because we were too wrapped up in our already zombielike daily routines) to become Episcopalians who only eat the flesh of the living on Tuesdays. Then, all of the sudden, the zombies throw all their religious principles out the window when they chew some guy's leg off before Lent. He's just pouring blood out of his mangled leg and screaming and cursing in Yiddish about Michael Bay and Dan Aykryod being in a movie about Pearl Harbor, when Christopher Walken shows up and announces that he is about to use his weapon of choice, a garden rake, against Michael Bay so that he can stop the Michael Bay/zombie apocalypse. Shaun rushes to the door of the Winchester pub, trampling his girl in the process, when Xenu and about a dozen zombies appear in the middle of the room craving Oreo cookies. Some kick-ass Queen comes on the jukebox and Xenu calls for Shaun to return the Allspark to Tom Cruise so that he has the power to ruin Oprah's furniture once again. Tom and Xenu then get in a Ford Mustang and cruise off into the sunset as the theme from the movie Tron plays in the backround and they drive off a cliff...leaving Shaun, the zombies, and the rest of the world, not caring at all at the fact that Tom cruise is freaking nuts and Xenu is just a giant turkey that looks like Rodney Dangerfield. And,also in the end,he says"White power"in frot of te zombies that are black. How sad. Mother Fucker

Actually, it's just a lame parody of zombie movies that people like because it's set in England and they can have a chuckle at all the dry British satire.