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Labyrinth was a 1986 movie starring David Bowie. It starred David Bowie as an owl, and also a baby, and he had mad hair and lived in a castle, and Robin Williams as a worm. After that it gets weird. Oh, this article is so bothersome. Oh, how I do wish this horrid article would go away. I wish the Goblins would take this article away right now!


After this it gets weird.

Shit! Where is my article? I didn't really want it to get taken away! I want my fucking article back! What? I only have thirteen hours to get my article out of the middle of the labyrinth? That's just illogical- if you really want my article, why did you even let me in the labyrinth? What? Now I only have 5 hours? Sorry, I'll stop questioning your plot devices. Although, I feel that the exposition was pretty rushed. In fact, it didn't even exist. And seriously- what's with the tights? Also, I really don't see the humour in any of this. The only way I could appreciate this movie is by using drugs or sleep deprivation to wear away the perception of time. That's the point? Oh.

Oh, I hate my parents so much. They always think of themselves first.


I've been in this movie for 5 minutes already. I don't know what that is, but I'm willing to accept it as normal.

I don't feel that my back story has been developed very well. Why am I rambling incoherrently like this? Why am I so pissed at my parents? I already forgot what the opening sequence was all about. Why are you wearing tights? That last dance sequence really freaked me out a bit. My Unitarian friends like this movie, but I have to say I'm not enjoying it too much.

Critical Reception[edit]

Just give me my article back! I want my article back! My article is as strong as yours, and my encyclopedia as great! You have no power over my article!


I have to say that I think this movie seems a little dated to me. What with the synthesized 80's music, and David Bowie's tights. He always dresses like that? Oh.