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Hello, I am Lars863 MUN Icons-flag-nl.png . I'm actually from the Dutch Oncy, so the main thing I'll be doing is linking pages to the Oncy and using the links over here to link the Oncy to other nonsensepedias. As typically Dutch guy, I actually don't like your article about us, but who cares? Anyway, if you have anything to ask, please go to the discussion page. I might be able to help you. Or not. Or not completely. Or completely not. Or a complete knot. Whatever.

Articles in the Dutch Oncy I wrote or am writing:

  • Purmerend (you had one before us? Now that's downright ridiculous!)
  • Smiechtenstein (Liechtenstein - 3 others' versions got removed. It seems mine is finally a good one...)
  • Alsanië (Alsania instead of Albania, because it's a Guantanamo for people failing at speaking Dutch correctly; "Beter als" - better as! - is a frequently-made mistake in the comparative. This article was featured during the second half of week 31!)
  • Benelux (it was first a disambiguation page.)
  • Tsjechië (Czech Republic, look at the maps. This article was featured during the first half of week 17!)
  • Servië (Serbia, once such a great empire, now but an underdeveloped province.)
  • Duitsland (1945-2005) (Germany, we have an article saying that, in 2005, it got replaced by Mofrica. This aricle was the winner of the Golden Spring Spud Contest 2009!)
  • Zweeds (Swedish. I made up several languages, but this one is the first article. This article was featured during the second half of week 21!)
  • Bretagne (Brittany, I went a bit haywire by making a long history, but the part on Bretonic is good. This article was featured during the second half of week 37!)
  • Mario Party (Mario Party, I translated it from the Uncyclopedia, but added the last years and changed the timeline.)
  • Monaco (Monaco - as you've noticed, both the Monaco prince the Belgian King are named Albert II. Hmm... This article was featured during the second half of week 36!)
  • Engels (English, in which I took a look at both the five-case strong Anglo-Saxon and the multi-ponunciational Modern English.)
  • Parijs (Paris, the city on Corsica from which a strange alphabet came, the Vilum Yér.)
  • Willem van Oranje (William the Silent, the Dutch version of Che Guevara. This article was featured during the frist half of week 40!)
  • Zuid-Holland (South-Holland, strictly speaking still under construction, but big enough to stay for now.)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Elementary, Watson. Indeed, this was translated from the Uncyclopedia and indeed, it is right now a candidate for being featured!)
  • Luxemburgs (Luxembourgish, the first of a series of articles called the Series Indo-European Languages and Speaking Disorders (SILS).)

OnNieuws (UnNews) articles written by my keyboard:

  • "Who wants to be a Smiechtensteiner?" (like Who wants to be a millionnaire, about a city block in Smiechtenstein that needs one more inhabitant to become a village.)
  • Rellen in Sarkozië (Riots in Sarkozia, with the riots after the strikes as inspiration.)
  • Polen verliest slag na slag (Pole - literally Poland - loses battles one after the other, a funny look at the greenhouse effect.)
  • Nieuw Nederlands werkwoord (New Dutch verb, 'to shoe oneself on'. Funny language, eh?)
  • Albayrak wil taalkamp dicht (Albayrak wants to close Alsania, Obama wants to close Guantanamo + Albayrak wants to close prisons + Alsanië = Hallelujah!)

Right now, I'm working with Siddhartha Wolf on the Foreign Office. I am the Representative of the Oncyclopedia there.

Write on!

Sergeant der Alsanische Strijdmacht Lars K. Danzegger