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Lenna with a smile

Lenna (pronounced Leena) is a woman who appears on a popular children's magazine called Playboy. She now is doing a lot of tests. She changes appearence like Teh Doctor regenerates.

On teh left (over there -->),
there is a Lenna version where she has regenerated into a smiling goon. She often strives about in teh nude however, as shown by yet another image.

What does Lenna look like?[edit]

Lenna is extremely ugly as shown below. This is a full sized image so it shows the detail. Teh texture of her skin is rough and lumpy and it is multi-coloured in some points. She is always carrying around a little pink fluffy thing (what do you call that now?)


A recent meeting at the Uncyclomedia board (self-ref) showed that she is actually a WITCH!

Gah, she's UGLY!!!!!!!!!!

Notice those objects flying round her head? Compare it to this photo:

What has happened here?

These people have magical powers. They most like making things fly round their heads.

Gallery of all Lenna photos on Uncyclopedia[edit]