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Remember all that talk about burning the witch or something?

“Pah! Don't you pay attention to the calendar? December is the Month of Drama, not November. Sheesh, it's like I just threw away my money printing up these UnCalendars. (On another note that's the same note but different, if Luvvy's timeline is correct a bunch of people owe her an apology. Not me though. Complete ignorance has once again shielded me from both responsibility and guilt. Hurrah!)”

~ [[Modusoperandi|A lot of people owing Luvvy an apology]]

I switched my password to certifiable cat-gibberish. There's no use of even trying to stick around here, now is there?

What really happened

So essentially anything's okay as long as you can insult other users in the process without even agreeing to consider different points of view?

I posted a link to the deleted image on Sannse's talk page YESTERDAY.

I was also the person who put up the VFD of the file in the first place. TODAY.

AFTER I found out the VFD is not only for article deletion discussion.

So I put it up for discussion.

My best guess is that Sannse logged on, saw she had comments on her talk page as a notice before seeing anything else, and did the natural reaction and deleted the goddamned thing.

Then someone told her what the drama was by mostly shouting at the poor woman who likely was acting in good faith. As was I.

But apparently my contributions aren't worth anything to anyone. I wonder if anyone even notices them.

So this is a friendly note of goodbye in the form of more aggressive than I'd usually allow myself to do vandalism. I know this is wrong, but to get you cretins back on track. It's not a freedom of speech or expression thing. This is just something that escalated out of hand due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Thanks to the people in irc being the regular assholes they are, it was by no means a fair debate. There were at best six people telling me at once that I'm an inferior human being and that all the time I've put into this site over two years is by no means anything near that of someone else, and not worth even the paper they wipe their pretty fat arses with.

Insults, abuse and hostility is what I got from a place I thought would be a nice, relaxing leisure activity.

You guys really, really caused me to rethink my interest in uncyc.

Sure, you guys think "good riddens to the bitch", but there may be at least one or two who perhaps miss me. Maybe.

Next time you want to insult me, please, come to my town, we can argue over a cup of coffee and I can break your arm if you tap into the abusive vocabulary.

Someone once said my contribs weren't worth anything... There was this little sockpuppet once when #uncyclopedia started their cyberbullying spree #1 against me...