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Tell us facts about MZL[edit]

If you have an urge to tell us what kind of a man MZL is, please do. Write freely your feelings toward MZL here. No offense taken whatsoever. It takes a hell lot more than you to insult me. ;) In short: You can edit this section as you wish.

  • MZL is a more or less 9 years old boy who lives in Finland.
  • MZL likes simple pleasures of life like nice-bottomed girls, riding big motorcycles, using text smilies and tunafish.
  • MZL's greatest desire is to some day get married with a nice-looking girl who likes to pleasure him in many ways.
  • MZL loves IRC and he wishes that some day he might make an ├╝berleet script which would let him rule the whole IRCnet. MZL has used IRC for more or less 3 days.
  • MZL hates gay people. MZL strongly thinks that such abnormalities shoud be banned from the face of the world.
  • MZL is quite shy and obviously very enthusiastic when it comes to beautiful girls and handsome men.
  • MZL is a cad. This one time, I was walking into the Donut shop, when there he comes right behind me and proceeds to order the absolute LAST cruller that they had. That cruller was MINE and he knew it! He paid, as I quietly stewed in my anger, and turned around to face me. Then the bastard had the nerve, THE GALL, to say, "They have good donuts here, don't they?" WHY DON'T YOU RUB IT IN MY FACE A BIT MORE, JACKASS?!

What MZL wishes from the writers in Uncyclopedia[edit]

  • Please read what you have written before posting it. The "Show preview" -button isn't there just for nothing.
  • At least try to write decent english. If you can't, check for misspellings in a program such as Microsoft Word or something. If that is impossible, minimal knowledge of the language insists that you put a capital letter in the beginning of the phrase and a dot after it. I've really seen articles which start with a small letter and don't have any dots or commas. They're a hell to read and fix.
  • If you don't know anything about wiki, read the "Editing help" before writing anything.
  • Please, oh please keep in mind the "I before E except after C" rule!

MZL's favourite pages in Uncyclopedia[edit]

  • Maintenance page - Pages with misspellings