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File:Genius of questionable sexual orientation.jpg
The author of this article is, unfortunately, too lazy to actually upload the portrait of a genius of questionable sexual orientation. Use your imagination.

MaddMax is not to be confused with the admin, MadMax


Not much is known about MaddMax's early life, although it is said that he doesn't get out enough. Despite any other claims in this article, MaddMax is widely believed to be an Evil Genius.

My Grievances Against MaddMax[edit]

This man killed my cat while trying to prove Murphy's Antigravitory Cat Theory, not to mention all the pour soulless kittens left wandering the streets as a result of his indiscriminant Kitten Huffing practices. No matter. The Cats With Guns will soon avenge their fallen comrades.

A Sample of His Logic[edit]


Quantum Physics tells us that anything at any time could be possible in at least one dimensionat some point. Therefore, While , , or, it might equal Your Mom. Its just hard to say.


It has been suggested that MaddMax has taken a special interest in Oscar Wilde. The feelings may be mutual, as evidenced by the following quote: