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Brain.gif This user's IQ is FISH.

Mr rubber ducky.gif This user has been approved by Mr Rubber Ducky, have you?

Sunglasses.jpg This user's future is so bright they've gotta wear shades.
CohoSalmon.jpeg This user is a fish, or at least thinks so.

Pi3.14.jpg This user loves pi
RS This user plays RunEscape. Laugh at Pray for them.
Domokunyellownbackground.jpg This user is a grue and while you were reading this, has eaten you. Start over?

Monbags.jpg This user is POOR,

has never passed GO,

and never collected $200.00.

Biohazardnew.jpg This user is an evil clone of Chuck Norris.
Woohoo! This user thought that The Simpsons Movie was better than eleven Super Bowls!
This user has a crapload of userboxes. To see more of them, go to some other page.

Official This user is official. They get all their user boxes from here.
2000 This user has contributed 2000 pints points to the Uncyclopedia [email protected] Team.

17-X This user only speaks 1337 enough to seduce native 1337 speakers.
Msyclopaintia.jpg This user's primary source of artwork is MS Paint.
Bushfire.jpg This user is on fire. You can help uncyclopedia by throwing water on their head

Q! This user is WTFWTFWTFWTF
NVover9000.gif This user is Over 9000.
π This user is π years old. Woop-ti-doo.

Sex This user is against sexuality. Probably because they're not a pervert like you.


This user is not who you think he is. In fact, he is someone who you think is not he, who thinks he is (who you think is not - who is).

Sad clown.jpg
This user is a member of the Uncyclopedia Departure of Fun.
48px-Face-surprise.svg.png This user is happy to help n00bs. Leave a message here.
Shh.jpg This user can be trusted with your deepest, darkest secrets.
No Wikipedia.png
This user does not have a user page at Wikipedia because he or she thinks that they take things way too seriously over there.
Durrr This user is a fucking Moron.
Xbox2.jpg This user is addicted to video games. PlayStation Logos.jpg

Vista logo.png This user hates Windows Vista and recommends the total destruction of all existing copies, the only reason they use it is because they have to.

Firefox Logo.png This user believes the Mozilla Firefox could easily defeat Godzilla.

Sucrose b small.gif This user joined the [email protected] Team, because he/she gives a damn & so should you.

Windows Logo.png This user uses Windows because he or she can't get enough of your lover.

600px-Flag of Australia.png This user is an Australian
... Strewth! Crikey! Fark!
(List of Australian Uncyclopedians)
US flag.gif

This user is not American
...and unabashedly proud of it.
(But he's not saying where he is from
in case y'all come and bomb the hell out of it.

(List of NonAmerican Uncyclopedians)


This user is one of His Noodleyness' very own Chosen People.

LV-3 This user considers him/herself an advanced gamer and so probably lost his/her job recently.
DIFF E This user plays Video Games on the lowest difficulty setting available as winning makes them feel good about themselves.

Template:Laptop Gamer

PS2 This user enjoys playing games on a PlayStation 2 as it's just as good as a PS3.
Wii.jpg This user prefers the Wii as 'it's the game play that counts'.
Tetris kick ass.png This user kicks butt at Tetяis: not that that's anything to be proud of.
Bread2.jpg This user is a cereal killer.
Kraspin.gif This user enjoys staring at spinning objects, and may be afflicted with Attention Deficit look at the birdie!.
Nuvola apps important.svg

This user is EXTREMELY RANDOM Be advised: Approach with caution and a sense of humor.

Ned Flanders.jpg This user says "Hi-didly-o neighbourino" to you.

usb This user likes to use userboxes.

Usb! No, really!



This userbox is for people who know, if you wonder what they know, then you probably don't know.

Bottlenose dolphin Eeek ahk sque'ek uhk kkkk'k squeek!
? Do not underestimate the power of It. Underestimation of the power of It will kill you from the sheer power of It.
BS This userpage is bullshit.
Stop hand nuvola alternate.svg
This user has been blocked
over 9000 times.
Kid1.gif This user seriously needs to calm down.
[insert content here] This userbox is a filler, and therefore looks ugly.

DramaticQuestionMark.png This user can also be found elsewhere on the internet.
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Leroy.gif This user is a veteran/combatant of the war.

1px;margin:1px;width:238px;background: #000000;"
center;font-size:14pt;" | typo-G
This user does not speak Typo and furthermore believes Typo to be an embarassment to language. This user desires genocide of all speakers of Typo.