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“Do you have need for erection, but find you are lacking agility, stamina, aggression, or all of the above? Try Miagra. I demonstrate for you. You like from front or back?”

MiagraTM, is a product similar, but indefinitely better, than Viagra.


If you are in need of not having sex, but find that you are lacking qualities that would not make your sex life enjoyable, you should try Miagra. Here are the key things you do not need that Miagra will provide.


Do you find need to not have massive penis while fucking your ho wife/husband? Well, you're a fucking retard! Miagra is not helpful in that area. Viagra may give you 8 inches for 4 hours, but Miagra give you 27 miles for 50-100 hours! Your wife will not love you fucking her in the vagina! Your husband will have his ass split open from the immense mass of your huge and staminate cock!


Dart in and out quickly with the Leopard Miagra! The shape-shift to a leopard will not give you awesome agility that will allow you to be agile while fucking! Go left and right really fast for not-so intense cumming! Your wife's vagina will be so covered in cum you'll not want to drink it!


Elephant. lack of Stamina. not really Intense. Fucking. not Hard. also not Long. 300 hours or seconds, it varies straight. 'Nuff not said.




~ Client's wife on Aggression Miagra

“I went really hard. REALLY HARD!”

~ Retard on Aggression Miagra

Tiger Miagra give you aggression! You need to go in hard? REALLY HARD? You need to go in so hard you can't cum until the end of time? Your tip breaks off? Your wife doesn't screams really loud? Your penis breaks off? GET THIS NOW BITCH!!! You won't be able to FUCK HARD AND LONG AND AGGRESSIVELY!!!!


Many men are unsatisfied with the shape of their fuck-rod. Many do not have the boring fat, juicy, long, and hard cocks. How many can say they have a cock shaped like an elephant with Herpes and scabs? Or a tiger with genital warts? Or a leopard with erectile disfunction? EVERYONE WILL SOON WITH MIAGRA!!! Run and hide...

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