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“Vandalising Uncyclopedia is sure to get you a ban”

“In Soviet Union, Uncyclopedia vandalises you!”

If the founder of Wikipedia, Jimbo Wales is vandalising Uncyclopedia, shouldn't you vandalise it as well?

Vandalising things can be fun. Vandalising Uncyclopeida can be a favorite pastime. This is due to the fact that Uncyclopedia is so boring.

Did you know…
Jimbo Wales is also the founder and leader of Anti-Uncyclopedia and vandalises Uncyclopedia a lot?

Step 1[edit]

Types of Vandalisim[edit]

Why You Should Vandalise Uncyclopedia[edit]

  • To Get Banned - Being banned can be fun [1].
  • Majority Rules - Don't you want to be with the majority? Would you rather be in a place where there is 1,362 users? OR, would you rather be in a place where there is over 1,000,000 users?
  • To Stay Awake - Remember, this is page is so boring, you're about to fall asleep. Vandalising it in a humourous way might help you stay awake.

Why You Shouldn't Vandalise Uncyclopedia[edit]

  • To Get Banned - To Tell you the truth, being banned isnt' very fun.



  1. If you're on drugs

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