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“What you need to do, is shine that thing up real nice for The Rock, then take it in your fatty little fingers, turn that sum bitch sideways, and stick it straight up, your candy ass”

~ The Rock going off at the Yellow M&M

“Nothing sounds more delightful then a couple of 12 year olds singing about "doing it" all night”

~ Michael Jackson on Kriss Kross

“Don't worry abut a condom, babe. I'm on the pill!”

~ Whore on sex with Magic Johnson

“In recent news, Paris Hilton has gotten 3 of her girlfriends pregnant! It was a mystery how a lesbian encounter knocked up 3 of the whores best friends, but upon investigation, it was found that Paris had sucked so much dick in the last month, she had 7lbs of male semen stuck between her teeth that managed to drool out of her mouth and into the 3 unsuspecting whores vagina's... and now hears Tom with the weather”

~ Walter Crontkite on a CBS news exclusive

Everythingincluding that wordand that wordand that wordand this word?FUCK YOU!!!

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What can anyone say about Maniac1075. There are rumours that he is not an individual, but rather a multinational conglomerate of authors who do nothing but write quality articles on an extremely high rate. Or at least on an extreme high. However you look at it his contributions to date have been fast and furious. There is definitely something odd with him at least. If nothing else, he has a scarily in-depth knowledge of the world of professional wrestling. In fact he has been nominated as both Writer of the month and Potatochopper of the month.

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