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“A very clean man indeed.”

~ Oscar Wilde on mcalchera

“'ll get water later, maybe. Now get back in your cage.”

~ mcalchera on You
Did you know…
mcalchera can play a mean pinball?
You're doing it wrong!

The Man, the Myth, the Legend[edit]

Back over a span of several centuries, the man we've come to know as mcalchera was born. Birthed to a Shoe-shiner and milk maid, the young boy lived an impoverished life cleaning up after cows and his father, who sadly, was not potty trained. Mcalchera knew not what he wanted in life, all he knew is that he would be toilet trained doing it.

The big break came to mcalchera in 1750, when a traveling salesman took him as an apprentice in his business. The title "Roller-skate Repair Technician" suited him well, and he made a fortune. Eventually he came upon a new opportunity as a word-inventor for all the major languages of the world. ("The French, it's like they have a different word for everything! ~mcalchera) Using funds from his successful job, mcalchera was able to buy a clipper ship from the Spanish Armada, and began a period of discovery.

In 1854, mcalchera sailed the ocean blue and discovered America. Contrary to popular belief, mcalchera was trying to find Poland, but sadly, he forgot where it was. Never huff kittens, kids. During "The Conflict of Mechanical Advantage 6", mcalchera was decorated a war hero for living through the conflict. He had to adorn himself, because Humanity had been assimilated by the machines. Mcalchera was left alone to repopulate the world with nothing but his right hand and a dream.

Thus, we all owe our existence to mcalchera, and we should continue to pay homage to his immortal body from The Land of the Fig Trees.

Known Aliases[edit]

mcalchera is known by many to be a master of disguises.

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