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I may have been walking down the street yesterday, minding my own business, when I may have stopped and started thinking. I may have asked myself questions like, why is there a church on the street? Why do people hit things with baseball bats? Why am I asking myself all of these questions on the middle of the street, where I'm prone to getting run over? Why is that car honking at me? Why do I have to stop and think? I don't know. Why? Why? Why?

I mean, what's the point?[edit]

Asking myself questions about crappy things. Where's the fun in that? I'd rather be somewhere else instead of asking myself these dumb questions. I wouldn't be asking myself why that goddamn CD player won't play my 8" vinyls in some other place. In fact, instead of asking myself all these questions, I should be vacationing in... I don't know, Japan or something? I have an idea. Instead of stopping and asking yourself questions, go home, and call a few friends over. Ask other people questions.