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Proving that Yoda is not the most famous frog faced Jedi, Obiwan Keroppi was George Lucas' first attempt to tap into the lucrative Japanese market.

Fifteen years before he was to create the animated Clone Wars series, George Lucas attempted to bring his Star Wars franchise to a new, younger generation. Hot on the heals of the success enjoyed by Hello Kitty, Lucas approached Sanrio in an effort to join forces on a new project.

That project would lead to the creation of the Frog Wars series, destined to become the second most popular cartoon based, science fiction related series to date. Despite the contributions from George Lucas many Star Wars fans refuse to view Frog Wars as cannon.

Obiwan Kerropi[edit]

Jedi Knight Obiwan Kerropi, nicknamed the "Mean, Green Killing Machine" is first seen as a young apprentice to Jedi Master Am-Fib Eon, where he is taught about the mystical energy field called the Spawn.