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People Who Are Not Me[edit]

This is my collection of people who are not me. It doesn't include everyone who's not me, just some.

This is Bryci. Bryci is not me. I do like whipped cream, but I don't wear it. Not too often.
This is Brooke Shields playing prostitute Violet in Pretty Baby. Sometimes I lie on my bed naked, but rarely in a New Orleans brothel. So this is not me.
This is Britney Spears who sings, dances, and used to do gymnastics. I'm a fan, but I've never been pregnant. So this is not me.
This is Jamie Lynn Spears who sings, dances, and used to play Zoey Brooks on Zoey 101. She's her older sister's Minime, and does everything Britney does. So this is not my Minime.
This is Miley Ray Cyrus who plays Hannah Montana. I hope you aren't offended that she's not naked! I'm a huge fan of Miley and we share our first name. But she is not me.
This is not Sailor Moon, this is Sailor Jupiter mooning. She's not naked, but she's close! She is also not me.
These are conjoined twins, and I'm sorry they aren't naked either. My son said these are not Mommy, and he's such a clever boy. Neither of them is me.
OMG! This is naked and OMG! Of course it's not me but look at all the OMG!
This is a cabbage in a skull patch, and it is definitely, Definitely, DEFINITELY not me!