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Pregnant-bear, not be confused with preggobear. Although, this image does make preggobear excited...

Preggobear born Milton Hebert Bear is a close relative of the more famous pedobear. Unlike pedobear who is a pedophile, preggobear is a pregnophile, ie he is sexually attracted to pregnancy. He is often confused with his close relative, pregobear, who is attracted to jars of a certain brand of spaghetti sauce, and pregnant-bear, who is a bear that happens to be pregnant.

Early Life[edit]

A typical erotic pregnancy image, which Preggobear once, and if fact continues, to masturbate to. In case you don't know what an erotic pregnant image looks like.

Milton Hebert Bear was born into a typical family of bears. His early childhood was uneventful, but in his adolescence, he noticed that we was different from other bears somehow. He was not carnally attracted to most girls like other male bears his age. However, he find pregnant bears (and humans) strangely attractive. Milton attempted to conceal his unnatural and perverse desires though out his teenage years.

During his early adolescence, he tried several methods for controlling his unnatural lusts, including therapy and religious counseling. However, this was to no avail. For a few years, he was able to suppress his with the use of pregnant erotic imagery, but this too proved to be ineffective in controlling his lusts.

The Breaking Point[edit]

Eventually, could not longer contain his deviant sexual urges. For several months he tried to court various pregnant bears, but none would date him, as he was a sick preg-verted fucker. Additionally, rumors of Milton's perversions began to spread at this time. One night, he reached the breaking point, and violated a pregnant woman carnally. It was horrible. The woman suffered relatively little emotional damage, but her unborn infant was emotionally devastated and chocked himself to dead on his own umbilical cord.

Milton himself was also emotionally scared by the event. Because he was a bear, he was not subject to our human laws, and therefore, could not be charged for any crime by human courts. Additionally, bears to do not have any sort of legal system, so he faced no legal repercussions whatsoever. However, that event radically changed Milton's character: he no longer attempted to restrain his perversions, but raveled in them, being a raging maiesiophile.[1] From that point on, he no longer referred to himself as Milton Bear, but Preggobear.

Life As Preggo Bear[edit]

After renaming himself Preggobear, he devoted his life to his unnatural lusts, collecting erotic media, frequenting gravid strippers and prostitutes, and occasionally sexual assaulting pregnant women.

Sexual Orientation Issues[edit]

A young boy who has been abused by preggobear. Fortunately, he is now much too old for preggobear's liking, and need only worry about pedobear

Since preggobear is exclusively attracted to pregnancy, and pregnancy only occurs in females, it is generally assumed that preggobear is a heterosexual. However, this conclusion is in error. Preggobear is in fact bisexual due to his sexual attraction to unborn babies of any and all genders, and has had homosexual carnal relations with numerous unborn male infants. In addition, it is commonly believed that his frequent sexual encounters with unborn male children has caused them to become homosexual later in life.

Preggobear himself claims that he is neither a homosexual nor a heterosexual, and is in fact a third orientation, called "preggosexual". However, few have accepted his claim that "preggosexuality" is a sexual orientation in and of itself. In the words of one homosexual activist stated, "I find the term "preggosexual" offensive, as it belittles my homosexuality and lowers it to the level of preggobear's sick, sick pregnancy fetish."

Uterus or GTFO![edit]

Preggobear is commonly believed to have been the inventor of Uterus or GTFO!, a variant of Tits or GTFO!, in which the hearer is supposed to post pregnancy erotica in a timely manner. Currently, Uterus or GTFO! is the 3rd most popular GTFO demand, behind the classic Tits or GTFO! and the relatively tame Tentacles or GTFO! demand.

In recent years, Preggobear has expressed some regret for the term, as it is often confusing to inexperienced forum users, who will often upload medical diagrams of uteruses, failing to realizing that the request if for a uterus with a fetus inside of it. In an attempt to be more clear, Preggo briefly used the phrase, "Preggoes or GTFO!" However, that was often shortened to "Pregos or GTFO!", resulting in a deluge of spaghetti sauce images from people unfamiliar with Preggobear's aesthetic preferences. Obviously, such images were even less attractive to Preggobear than medical diagrams of uteruses.

Avoiding Preggobear[edit]

remember, don't place images of yourself pregnant under a creative commons licence, there is no telling where they will end up

There are several steps that can be taken to avoid preggobear:

  • First off, DO NOT GET PREGNANT. If you do not get pregnant, Preggobear will not be attracted to you. Well, maybe if you suffer from a massive ovarian cyst or have excessive abdominal fat for your frame, but I digress. Anyway, pregnancy can be avoided by a variety of methods, including being male, avoidance of sexual intercourse, the use of birth control methods, and if all fails, coat hangers.
  • If you insist on getting pregnant, do not post images of yourself pregnant or allow other to post of yourself pregnant on the internet. If you do not post images of yourself on the internet, Preggobear will have a much more difficult time finding you.
  • And if you insist on posting images of yourself pregnant on the internet, DO NOT PLACE THOSE IMAGES UNDER A COPYLEFT LICENSE OR IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Once you place an image under copy-left, or worse, pubic domain, you will be unable to prevent others from misusing the image. Therefore, Preggobear can spam images of you across the internet with legal impunity.

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  1. Yes, that is a real word.