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possession is nine tenths of the law

S: They say that possession is nine tenths of the law, or putting that another way 90% of the law is possession? What the hell is all that about? Is the police possessed? Have supernatural forces taken over control of 90% percent of our wonderful boys in blue?

Do the law really spend 90% of their time working on possession? Surely they should spend a lot more than 10% of their time catching murderers, rapists or burglars? Is possession really that important as to need 90% of thier time? Are they obsessed?

Well perhaps now. If the police have got 90% of the possessions it not surprising that they are possessive about their possessions. One would never possess such possessions with out being posed such proposals before... OK, enough I prommise.

should not be 9ths of the las


  • So your laptop, it's yours right? But if I grab it then would it be mine by nine by nine tenths of the law?

Well, no, cos you're sat on my sofa, and if you start saying that's your laptop, I'll grab it back off ya, and slap you round the face with it.

  • OK, well fair enough, but what if when you went to bed I sneaked back in, and grabed the laptop when you were asleep? Would that then make it my laptop by 9th of the law cos I would have it?

Well you would kinda have it, but not by 9th of the law. As soon as I got up I would notice that the laptop was missing, and although I would not be sure what had happened to it, I would be fairly sure, especially considering the current situation.

  • Ahh, true, if ever you saw it over at my house there would be trouble.

True, I think it would maybe 5 tenths of the law. I would not be like you had a laptop which you just got from PCWorld and still had the box or nothing. If you had that it would be 10 tenths of the law.

  • Maybe, but i'm not sure anything can ever be ten tenths of a law, cos someone could aways grab it.

Possession in the police force

You were there for my crazy-time. I was working 80 hour weeks back then. I'm more stable now... I suppose Im waht most people would consider a grown up. Sounds very strange to me. How old are you, by the way?

Oh, we are over here now are we? :P Me? Ya, I'm OK... Well, I'm not working at the moment, as my contract just finished. I'm going to take a bit of a break for a while I think... I may have to marry the g/f in the up coming months (but that's a story to be told in IRC one day maybe...) Yea, I remember very well back in the day... I actually tried to get ya ban lifted. The thing is... Most of the "old" admins are not around these days. The new ones IMO are... Um... Shall we say, less likely to ban ya for having fun. I don't see the divide between users and admins which there used to be. That is a very good thing in my eyes...
Wow, all that on my behalf? I feel special, now... In my defense: All I wanted to do was help you with your sig, and make others feel more welcome than I did when I first came to the site. I had no idea what I was doing when I started, but being a web designer, I was a fast learner. Around the time we met, I was wanting to help people like me, you know, learn the basics of editing and such... Maybe not sure about the best way to go about doing that, but that's just the case in point - at that time there was a lot of legacy, and admins were just huffing EVERYTHING... I was under the impression that they forgot everyone needs to start somewhere and there a lot of funny folks out there that don't know how to write code. So, I tried to help, in my own way, stepped on a few toes and stood up for myself in front of a giant faceless beast. The fact that people thought I was being a dick is preposterous, because in no way shape or form was I ever serious in insulting anybody. Gwax spoke to me fondly just the other day.... Funny, I don't think he even recalls banning me.