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James/ Mutlee (MUTT-LEE)
James/ Mutlee (MUTT-LEE)
Date of birth: Why Do You Wanna Know?He's a Minor for God's Sake!
Place of birth: Irk
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Known for Very Agressive Sexually and Physically
Occupation Emperor Zim's publicist
Religion Growlongs (but secrectly one of the Mansonites)
Spouse Single
Children Had sex with self once

and His own myspace

Hi I am James of E-Town.Yeah that sounded gay, because i am Bisexual.Anyways, I am just going to update this when i go to my dads on Friday so feel free to do whatever to my talk page to leave me comments till saturday then you'll have to stop.

I am a big fan of Marilyn Manson and GIR.

The Marilyn Manson creature, caught in its natural habitat, having just finished munching on Jenna Jamesonspussy.
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What's ironic is that the pictures in Wikipedia are ten times easier to jack off to. Seriously! They are! See for yourself.
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“We believe that Pam Anderson has acquired weapons of mass erection.”

~ George W. Bush on boobs
Earth's Continents

Pamela Anderson wants you, <insert name here>.
One of my many ex-girlfriends on a bad day
This chick is hot
Cover art from the Xbox release
You know who was emo? Hitler. You don't want to be like Hitler, do you?
Twiggy washing off his new cock. "Lord knows where it's been..."

Marilyn Manson sporting newly transplanted tits, donated by Twiggy. AS SEEN IN "FUCK FRANKIE"! ORDER TODAY!
Told you.

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