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Who is Natch?[edit]

Natch is a male writing unit born and raised in Canada. His writing career started at the age of 6 when he put crayon to wall and wrote a 34 stanza ballad entitled "Ode to a Half-Eaten Tuna Salad Sandwich". This epic was followed by several other brief poems including "Bologna, thou art foul" and "Coffee, coffee everywhere and not a Biscotti Within a Twelve Mile Radius". After graduating from 4th Igloo Secondary School, Natch broadened his horizons and went on a brief road trip of the African Serengetti. While there, he learned a great deal about the local inhabitants spurring him to write his famous essay "The Scorching Sun: A Study into why the African Dug Beetle will Abandon it's Young when Offered a Slice of Chocolate Pie". Natch currently resides in Canada where he is pursuing a masters degree in Beaver Relations with a minor in Lumberjacking.

Articles Natch has Contributed To[edit]

Megatron (Added a Paragraph)

lead pipe (Re-wrote)

FUBAR (Re-wrote)

Crushing the Hell out of it (Didn't actually post, but helped one author during writing)

Hockey Cards (Unposted work in progress)