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If you're looking for a definition of a cunt, just picture the guy that invented Crazy Frog.
For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Cunt.

“Now what starts with the letter 'C'? Cookie starts with 'C'! Let's think of other things that start with 'C'...”

~ Cookie Monster on C-words

      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for The UHMMCUNT, a Mormon church in Lyons, Colorado? or CUNT - Central University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (renamed as Northumbria University in 2003)?

Definitions and Usage[edit]

  • A word used in the in the north of the England which was a version of the term "not-so-friendly ruffian".

Example: "did that cunt just look at me?"

  • A cut (or gash) that does not heal. Trust me.
  • In some connotations also an ex-girlfriend. Mainly, <insert name here>'s.
  • In fact, she's so widely know for being a rotten, horrible cunt, that if you ever want to mail her anything, you can just write "cunt" on the envelope, drop it in the mailbox, and it will reach her without delay.
  • Used to describe Tache regulars.
  • Used to describe certain people such as TTC.

Cunt is quite popular in Australia, like "Holy shit they say that all time!?!" popular, which to me, a dumb yank, rules because cunt is the greatest word in the world, only because it adds flavor to any conversation. Nothing in the world gets attention on the streets of New York City more than "The Empire State Building is really a big cunt of a fucking thing." In a city where people get run over by cars and no one bats an eye that phrase gets some fucking attention. Whereas it becomes a term of endearment rather than a term of derision in Oz, unless you call someone a cunt and they don't know you at all, then you might be in for an ass kicking, so use it in company that you feel relatively safe around. Unless they started hitting the VB, then be careful that shit is like "Let's get it rolling juice" to some of them yabbo's. It can be used to describe people, things and situations, much akin to the American use of the word fuck:

Aussie: "Jai, you are such a fucking cunt." Yank: "Bill, you are such of a fuck."

Aussie: "This cunt of a car sucks shit." American: "This fucking car sucks shit."


Aussie: "Just ask Cunty McCunterson over there." American: "Just ask Fuckity Fuckface over there."

Aussie: "You know me mate, I'm a fucking cunt." American: "You know me I'm just a heartless fuck."

Aussie: "He's a sick cunt." American: "He's fucked up."

Aussie: "Get fucked cunt." American: "Go fuck yourself."

Universally insulting: "You know what, you are the biggest, drippiest cunt I have ever met. Oh, and you smell like a two day old cod that got too much sun."

And of course my own favourite: "Those dim cunts at that other encyclopaedia got mad at me for editing without citing sources, even though I know what I am talking about."

I love to say Fuck I cant wait to get my tongue on that little hairy cunt tonight. Its going to be cuntalicious

Cuntural taboos[edit]

  • Cunt is a relatively mild word in England (as in "my brother Henry is a nice bloke, but he really can be a silly cunt sometimes") but evokes shock and horror in North America as it is a filthy image.

By contrast cocksucker is viewed with disgusted bewilderment by Brits (except for my Aunt Mildred who was more than a little intrigued by the concept) and motherfucker left them in a group swoon. Next year I am travelling in the Middle East and will bring them some major didactic revelations.

  • Cunt is also a comonly used word in Australia among friends when refering to each other ("Sup cunt") but some advice for visitors to Australia if someone does not consider themselves your friend it may provoke violent retaliation (stabbing/bashing) so dont use it in unfamiliar company, however if you happen to be in any state but Queensland or The Northern Territory do not hesitate to use the word when talking to the mexicans or "pussies" for short

  • Cunt is a term of endearment in Scotland, Glasgow in particular.for example 'Happy Christmas granny, you CUNT you, Ahh ff'kin loves ya n all like'

  • If you swap the letters 'n' and 'u' and put a hyphen in between the 'C' and the rest of it, you get C-Nut... I'm not sure what it is, but I'm sure you can put stuff together with it - Which is the opposite of what a vagina does: Destroy things.

How to determine a cunt from a pussy[edit]

Notice: Not a 3D rendered image - Do not attempt to don retarded looking blue and red glasses

To the untrained eye, determining the difference between a cunt and a pussy may seem difficult. We've pro

“Hhmm..this seems like a good place to put a quote about cunts...”

~ The Interupter

vided this useful diagram on the right to help you understand the difference.

However becare of the bucket cunt, these are a rare species however have been known to carry diseases such as AIDS, BITCH, and OLOLHERPES.

This is a clear example of a human cunt, she expresses herself to the whole world as Roshit cunt face!!

Also, a cunt talks to you when you take LSD.

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