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Scottish flag.png This user is pretending s/he has more than
Scottish ancestry

...because Scots are more awesome than Americans.
(List of other Scottish Uncyclopedians)

Additionally, neglectedsquirrel is an embodiment of the Almighty God, and does, in fact, exist. As an omnipresent, omnicient, and generally all-powerful being, she is also the embodiment of every other god, demigod, and minor diety invented by man, as that's generally what she exists to be. Of course, she is only referred to as she in this case because that is the gender of the weak human shell, and it should not be construed that Allah, Ganesha, Buddha, Yahweh, Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, Prince, Barry Gibbs, Ron Jeremy, Bob Dole, Steve, Barney, or any other traditionally male gods were actually female. On the contrary, as God self-perpetuates, the donning of one particular sex is merely for shits and giggles.

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