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This article hates America, just like everyone else does. See more about Unamerica.

Consequently, this article lacks much or any redeeming intellectual value. However, even though no one smarter than a doorknob has contributed significantly to this article, it still contains more truth than you may be able to handle.

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Ronald Mcdonalds father was assasinated by "The Burger King", And His accomplice Kanyae West.
The sly smile reveals that the protagonist was a serial rapist, and is going to reflect on what he has done without remorse.
Hitler Burger Aired several Comercials on TV, Showing the Furher's obsession with meat.
The original film, before the remake Shaving Private Ryan. A second film was necessary because Oscar's character was too grouchy and unheroic.
The launch of the above Iranian space orbiter was confirmed by NASA on February of 2009. Note the size of the escorting helicopters relative to the magnitude of the project. It is headed twards The US! OH MY GOD!!!!
Hitler's Napolean complex was based on the fact that he never could get along well with others.
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this page is sponsored by Saddam Industries, the family company

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Sometimes computers can be frustrating to the point of driving the victim to suicide.( That is You!)
Shocking new footage of Soviet Brainwashing teqniques.
Ronald McDonald was in charge of making sure that prisoners of McAuschwitz concentration camp were fed with delicious Happy Meals.
Barack Obama was a troubled child, trying to assasinate David Hasslehof at the age of 10.
Who are you calling a fag flag?
An early ad for HitlerBurger, showing the Führer's penchant for meat prior to his psychotic episode turning him into a vegetarian.


Babies are no match to the Jedi powers!
Ronald wages war on Colonel Sanders