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Hi, I'm Nytrospawn. Here's a bio for you to look at:

Me, the wife, and our oldest daughter. Actually they're both in the picture, aren't they?

A Little About Myself[edit]

  • I'm 39, and I'm a freelance web developer based out of Hamilton, Ontario.
  • I was born on a military base in Dresden, Germany to a Norwegian mother and an American father. Mom was a clothes model, and Dad was an Air Force Major.
  • I drive a Blue 1996 Buick Skylark Custom V12. I installed the interior myself, including two vintage 1976's era Mustang bucket seats.
  • I speak English and German, and don't tell my Mom, but I forgot most of the Norwegian.
  • I have a wonderful wife of 12 years, Sasha, and two beautiful daughters aged 10 and 8. I also have a Jack Russel Terrier named "Kitsch".

My Hobbies[edit]

  • I enjoy restoring old cars, and before I moved to Hamilton to live with my wife, I owned a custom auto shop in Piscataway, New Jersey, called the "Chop Block".
  • I have owned the following cars at one point or another, and sold them for usually what turned out to be not enough money:
  * A 1988 Delorean DMC-18, just like the one in Back to the Future - sold
  * A 1980 LTD Convertible - restored, and sold
  * A 1979 Mustang Convertible - restored, crashed, and junked
  * A 1967 Ford Galaxy 506 - restored, sold
  • I also collect rare and antique beer cans. Some of the less common ones in my collection are worth in excess of $2,000(CAN).


  • The most I've ever paid for a can in my collection is $1,106(US) for a Breidt's cone top can.
  • I have spent a night in jail in 11 countries, none of which are places I've lived.
  • My last name is latin for "Bath house."
  • I once owned the biggest can in the world, which was four times the size of new mexico but It got destroyed when somebody shook it to much.

Unfortunate Demise[edit]

Hi, Im Nytro's wife. Unfortunately, Nytrospawn has died when an explosion ripped through his scrotum, killing him and his unborn semen children. Please stop asking him to check out your wieners. Template:Message box

Works in Progress[edit]

Zombie Nazi Robots


Capitalistic Economy
Female Autobots
12 Monkeys
Starship Troopers

"7 cases for 8 bucks? Hell, even I'd buy those tampons" ~ Oscar Wilde
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