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It’s official, girls, we were never meant to co-exist with video games. No really, they’re boring and childish and they distract boys away from me– I mean us.

I’ve always thought that but never more so than that night after my third date, with Jason, the school football captain. It was awful. I was in his room; dicey posters from Nuts, rotting socks and (sigh) skid-marked underwear displayed in all their glory. This, along with that fishy smell, I could have ignored if it weren’t for the fact that it was now four am and I still hadn’t been kissed. I was, however, getting exactly what I’d asked for as I mindlessly pressed the kill button.

I’d managed to tune out Jason’s monotonously animated recital of the plot and the shooting noises, even my vision was blurring as the flashing lights violated my retina. It gave me time to think about how I got here, to reflect on that burning question: why am I playing Halo?