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One of millions of Internet Forums on the world wide web the IWETHEY forum is just about the worst one that one can join. They are an elite group of ultra-left wing hacktivists who wrote Wiki and PDF articles on SCO and Microsoft that got cited by Wikipedia as a reliable source and calls them notable. They got their start in 1995 at the Infoworld forums by trolling them and claiming Infoworld was astroturfing for Microsoft and other companies. They stuffed an opnline ballad box vote at Infoworld in 1997 for best operating system and used sockpuppers to vote OS/2 as operating system of the year, despite the fact that nobody cares about it. Then they decided to support Linux instead in 1998 as the Microsoft DOJ case was being run and SCO was trying to sue IBM and Linux over IP theft.

Black Ops against Uncyclopedia[edit]

In 2005 the members of IWETHEY decided to blank and vandalize articles on Uncyclopedia claiming their were full of lies and untruths. They had mistaken Uncyclopedia for a serious web site and fail to understand that humor need not be true to be funny. Some of their members like Powershot and Anonymous Slashy tried to disrupt and blank and vandalize some of the popular articles at Uncyclopedia and substitute their own using unfunny Internet MEMEs. The old IWETHEY article at Uncyclopedia was vandalized so much and so outdated that it was eventually deleted and then rewritten to be funnier.

What is the meaning of IWETHEY?[edit]

We figured out the first three letters, they stole them from Infoworld Electric Forums, IWE is Infoworld Electric. They claim to be a spin-off of Infoworld. The THEY part remains a mystery but we think it stands for Terrible Hackers Extorting You or Trolls Having Everyone Yawn. Not to be confused with Them but they insist in being called They and due to multiple personalities and sockpuppet use they use I and WE as well like The Borg as in "We are coming to blank and vandalize Uncyclopedia, resistance is useless."

Why don't they have a sense of humor?[edit]

Actually they do have a sense of humor it is HTBSANJF instead of HTBFANJS, their sense of humor is the total opposite of Uncyclopedia. The more biased and stupid their humor is, the more they like it. So they hate Uncyclopedia and instead us other humor Wikis that I won't mention except it has drama in it. They find trolling, vandalizing pages, blanking pages, personal attacks, biased sources, and other stupidity and drama as funny.

How come their web page, Wiki site, and forum don't work?[edit]

In 1995 to 2001 it worked, but after that it suffered Linux issues due to poor maintenance and poor administration skills by their members who claim to be Linux experts. It has taken over a year to get their database backups recovered to almost getting their forum user base database back up, but not yet their messages and Wiki content yet. They actually charge as an ISP for web hosting but have the worst downtime of any ISP on the planet. They run everything as root and the script kiddies pwn them. Then they blame Microsoft and SCO for everything, including their own incompetence.

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