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Warning: This article is a factual version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (future film). Therefore, don't expect it to be as funny. I am simply doing this because IMDb keeps deleting my thread pertaining to a Power Rangers remake/reboot movie.

Official movie poster.

“[PF4Eva]'s out of his mind if he thinks that Hollywood is going to grant a nobody full creative control, and that's if they accept his project.”

~ on making an ass of himself

“How do you know I'm gonna be a nobody when I walk into the office? "I've got vision up by butt," Jack Black once said.”

~ PF4Eva on

“I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. I'm just a pathetic loser troll. On IMDb I am known only as PowerRangersAreLame. My IQ is lower than that of Bush. Please laugh at my expense.”

~ on the truth

“Little does know that Studio execs will laugh him out the building when he presents his sceenplay and ideas and demanding full control. It's clearly obvious that lives in a illusioanary world. Please laugh at him at your own "disgression." P.S. it's "discretion."”

~ PF4Eva on the stupidity of

Note the above quote makes no fucking sense as I have no intention of present any screenplay to studio execs.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a proposed re-imagining of the first incarnation of the popular Power Rangers TV series. It is the brainchild of PF4Eva, a fan of that era of the show. The film's tone is grim, dark, edgy, stylized, and at times unconventional. The plan is for the film to be released as a PG-13 with an Unrated Director's Cut subsequently released... or simply releasing the film R rated.

PF4Eva intends to use big name actors and character actors in supporting roles and cast little known or unkown actors as the Rangers and Bulk & Skull. He is currently writing the screenplay and working on other aspects of the project, and intends to take on the role of director, demanding complete creative control, because he knows that Hollywood tends to rape remakes, sequels, reboots, franchise movies, and adaptations of this nature. In the alternate universe PF4Eva inhabits studio execs meet the demands of all inexperienced hacks.


When PF4Eva stumbled upon a post on the TMNT (2007) message board on the Internet Movie Database, one user cracked the joke, "What's next -- a Power Rangers movie in 2013?" which led PF4Eva to think "Hey, that's not a bad idea." His idea was for the film to be dark, serious, and epic, much like the Batman movies not directed by Joel Schumacher or starring Adam West. He toyed around with different ideas, such as doing it in the style of Lord of the Rings with Zordon being played by Movie Trailer Announcer Guy Don LaFontaine, who sadly passed away in 2008 when he laughed his ass off trying to record a trailer voiceover for the Eddie Murphy flop "Meet Dave, the Nutty Beverly Hills Cop Who Lives with Judge Reinhold, Nick Notle, and an Ugly Green Ogre in a Haunted Mansion and Runs a Daddy Day Care."


After a while, PF4Eva started to take the project -- and its cast -- a little more seriously when on May 20, 2007, he started planning his project and posted a thread on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers board on Internet Movie Database entitled "My Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie idea... any suggestions?" He mentioned that he wanted Anthony Hopkins to play Zordon

Cquote1.png because I think he is an amazing actor and I want to take the character of Zordon in a different directon. Cquote2.png
One of PF4Eva's conceptions of Anthony Hopkins as Zordon.

His early choices for Bulk & Skull included Josh Server, Kenan and Kel, Angelo Massagli (School of Rock, The Sopranos), Kevin Clark (School of Rock), Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera. However, PF4Eva didn't want the two high school bullies to look like 30- or 40-year-old teenagers.

For Lord Zedd, he had a few ideas such as using Tyler Mane with James Earl Jones's voice, or Christopher Lee with a Lee robot in case of the actor's death. It is also believed that names like Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, and John Lithgow were also considered.

PF4Eva started this project right around the same time Rob Zombie was whipping up his brilliant masterpiece of a remake of John Carpenter's Halloween, and so he was thinking of people from Rob's film to cast in his own. Quite a few actors were chosen from Rob's cast list and written down as PF4Eva's own cast wish list. They included:

  • Daeg Faerch
    • Daeg played the role of Young Michael Myers in Halloween, and PF4Eva chose him to play Green Ranger Tommy Oliver, initially because of his long hair, which he felt was essential to the character, going by Jason David Frank's prortayal on the TV series. This was before he got to see Daeg act in anything. "But when I first saw him act, in things like the short film Frank's First Love, and then finally when I saw him in Halloween, I was blown away. I had found my Tommy."
    • PF4Eva's version of Tommy was more or less written specifically for Daeg. Sprinkled in were subtle references and allusions to films, shorts, and indies he had done. Also when PF4Eva heard in Rob's Halloween commentary that Daeg "was so excited to swear," he was only inspired to add more swear words to Tommy's dialog. Daeg's language in the blockbuster movie Hancock and in short films such as Coming to Town and Lovin' Scoopful helped boost PF4Eva's confidence in whether Daeg was willing to swear or not, because (real) kids do swear, even if it's not in front of parents or adults.
One of PF4Eva's conceptions of Daeg Faerch as Tommy.
  • Scout-Taylor Compton
    • Scout played Laurie Strode in Halloween, and PF4Eva was impressed with her "close enough" resemblance to original Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart, Amy Jo Johnson. After seeing her fail miserably to fill the legendary shoes of Jamie Lee Curtis, he wanted an actress who could do that kind of justice to Johnson's character.
  • Lew Temple and Danny Trejo
    • Lew Temple and Danny Trejo played Noel Kluggs and Ismael Cruz, respectively, in Halloween, and PF4Eva thought their chemistry was hilarious and decided that they should play the two astronauts who unwittingly release Zedd and Rita. Seriously he take into consideration on casting characters that will appear in what a few minutes top in the film because these two characters are transformed into Finster and Goldar, respectively, for the remainder of the film, again proving that has no idea what he's talking about.
  • Ken Foree
    • Ken Foree had a cameo in Halloween as Big Joe Grizzly in one of the funniest scenes in the movie. Also since PF4Eva was such a huge fan of Foree's work on Kenan and Kel, he thought Ken would work as Black Ranger Zack Taylor's father Benson (Ben)
  • Richard Lynch
    • Richard Lynch, best known for his role as Harris in the 1988 horror flick Bad Dreams, ironically cameo'd as Prinipal Chambers in Halloween, and PF4Eva thought he would be cool in the role of the corrupt mayor. "He has this look and presence about him. Even when he's playing a good guy, he's still a bit creepy."
  • Malcolm McDowell
    • Best known for his roles in A Clockwork Orange and Star Trek Generations, Malcolm McDowell played Dr. Loomis in Halloween (succeeding Donald Pleasence) and will reprise the role in H2. PF4Eva thought he would be cool as a villain again, a shadow-based villain, Vlad Darkshadow (so much getting people to take this movie seriously with a name that sounds like something from Care Bears) , hellbent on destroying the Power Rangers and turning the city of Angel Grove against them.
  • Clint Howard
    • Clint Howard, Ron's brother, played Dr. Koppelson in Halloween. PF4Eva thought it would be funny to have Clint play a variation of Uncyclopedia in-joke Mr. Winkler. Unfortunately, he couldn't find a way to make it work and cut the scene; however, he is toying with the idea of doing a Mr. Winkler is Gay movie.
No Clint Howard mock-up available, so here's a picture of the "real" Mr. Winkler.

He also thought about using other names from the Halloween franchise, such as cinematographer Dean Cundey, actors Ellie Cornell (Halloween 4 & 5) & Bradford English (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers), and composer Tyler Bates (Halloween 2007 and H2 2009), among others. Somebody needs to tell to quit vandalizing this article.

PF4Eva also thought that actors from the show should make cameos and other appearances, even going as far as to request some actors to reprise their original roles -- Richard Horvitz [Wood] as Alpha, Robert Axelrod as the voices of Finster and Zedd, Kerrigan Mahan as Goldar, and Gregg Bullock as Lt. Jerome Stone. Some actors have been chosen to play different characters than the ones they played on the show -- Jason David Frank as Thomas "TJ" Carpenter, Austin St. John as shock-radio personality Harold Stein, David "Zordon" Fielding as a stereotypical Democrat you see on CNN all the time, Paul "Bulk" Shrier as Sheriff Charles "Charlie" Brackett, Jason "Skull" Narvy as Deputy Beau Meeker, Paul "Ivan Ooze" Freeman as a sanitarium doctor, etc.

He also is thinking about having cameos and supporting roles from A-list and B-list actors ranging from Morgan Freeman to Bruce Campbell, Ed Asner to Rick "Endless Mike" Gomez, Virginia Madsen to Kevin Nealon, James Gandolfini to John Goodman, and everything else in between.

From August 17-18, 2009, PF4Eva had a dilemma concerning the character of Zack Taylor. "I was editing a GIMP storyboard mock-up that I wasn’t satisfied with. I made the necessary corrections, and when it came time to fix Zack, I couldn’t find any decent images of Tyler James Williams, nor of my original Zack choice, Malcolm David Kelley. I panicked, I replaced Williams with Larramie "Doc" Shaw from Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, knowing he was a good actor, but not the right one for Zack. When I found a decent image of Kelley via YouTube, the problem was solved and Malcolm David Kelley was ultimately chosen to be my Zack, again. But bear in mind that the project hasn’t been pitched yet, so anything is subject to change.


The script has been in progress since May 20, 2007, with things changing every so often, whether they be removing cheesy lines, spell checking, and whatever else needs fixing. Other things such as character descriptions and casting choices (the latter is not part of the script) have changed occasionally. PF4Eva once believed he had a complete, satisfying script, although he had sacrificed the decidely more-R-rated content such as stronger language and bloodier/gorier violence when needed. He felt it was missing something, so he restored many of these elements and added new ones in where/when he saw fit. He has two versions of the script -- the original PG-13-level script and the "Unrated Director's Cut" script, which he feels is "the definitive version." The original script has three different endings.

He has made the mistake using camera and music cues in the screenplay, though they should not be used in this kind of script, but rather the shooting script -- which traditionally includes numbered scenes, music cues, camera directions, and other technical stuff that would make the regular script harder to read and follow. Thus, proving that he knows excatly what he's doing, even though is too blind to see this. Does the last part many any sense to anyone? If he makes a mistake how is that him knowing exactly what he's doing?

Latest updates[edit]

From late March to April 2, 2009, PF4Eva experimented with GIMP image manipulation to turn the following actors into Ivan Ooze -- Christopher Walken, Michael Keaton, and Steve Buscemi. Some results were better than others, but he thought that Buscemi's Ooze had the right look and the right style. "He looks chilling," PF4Eva says. "He just sends chills down your spine."

"But then again, Halloween sends chills down my spine," says PF4Eva, "So I have no taste in movies at all, so I need to shut my trap and quit vandlizing Uncyclopedia."

PF4Eva's conception of what Steve Buscemi's Ivan Ooze should look like.

On April 14, 2009, PF4Eva started sketching what the Rangers' costumes should look like, basing the designs on the rubber muscle suits typically worn by Batman, Robin, Nite Owl, Captain Obvious, and other such superheroes. He has been toying around with design ideas for a long while. He loves the costumes from the 1995 movie, but he also loves the rubber costumes typically worn by Batman. Contrary to much popular belief, DO NOT expect to see ass shots or the guy rangers having nipples on their costumes. The Green Ranger will NOT have any ass shots NOR nipples. But the Green Ranger will be seen nude at least 153 times.

On April 19, 2009, after much thought and a lack of Yahoo! images of rubber superhero costumes, PF4Eva has decided to model the Power Rangers' costumes on the Batman Dark Knight costume and making it of the same material. He also feels that the actors may feel more confortable in these costumes as opposed to ridiculously rubbery garments. The new Tommy costume (unmasked) is pictured above, or at least it will be when Uncyclopedia loads the new version of the image.

From April 19 to May 1, 2009, PF4Eva put the final touches on his definitive conceptions of the Ranger costumes. The new costumes are to be polyurethane, since it's not as uncomfortably hot as latex and has a better visual appeal than spandex.

Tommy Green Ranger 2009 (masked).jpg
Full size to show detail.

Black Ranger 2009.jpg
Full size to show detail.

Pink Ranger 2009.jpg
Full size to show detail.

Blue Ranger 2009.jpg
Full size to show detail.

Yellow Ranger 2009.jpg
Full size to show detail.

Red Ranger 2009.jpg
Full size to show detail.

On May 2, 2009, a brand new poster was created as the previous one wasn't dark enough. This one depicts the city of Angel Grove during the late hours with a darkly beautiful city skyline. The Power Rangers (in their new costumes) are watching over behind a city welcome sign. We also see a frightening shadow and the tagline "Hell has a new home." PF4Eva says "I love this poster the best so far. It reminds me of the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan Batman movies."

In June 2009, PF4Eva worked on designing the backs of the Ranger costumes. Inspiration came from the Batman costumes from the 1989 film as well as the two Christopher Nolan films. He will likely choose polyurethane over latex.

Ranger costumes back view.jpg


It is believed that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot/remake movie may possibly be cursed. So far, there have been a few strange happenings that may or may not be related to this project (directly or indirectly): But if you read this below, will note that this cursed logic makes no sense. That's because it's for satirical purposes only, a spoof of movie curses.

  • March 25, 2008
    • April Fool's Day, a horror remake starring Scout-Taylor Compton, goes straight to video, and even got scathing reviews.
  • May 10, 2008
  • August 4, 2008
    • Morgan Freeman is seriously injured in a car accident. Not too long afterwards, he and his wife divorced.
  • September 1, 2008
    • Don LaFontaine, an early non-serious candidate for Zordon, dies at the age of 68.
  • October 30, 2008
    • Despite the overwhelming ratings spike of 6.64 million viewers from October 29's episode of Pushing Daisies, "Dim Sum, Lose Some," the show is put on a two-week hiatus. Daeg Faerch guest starred in this episode.
  • November 19, 2008
    • Pushing Daisies returns to season-low ratings, in a season with extremely low ratings to begin with. The show's fate remains uncertain.
  • November 21, 2008
    • Pushing Daisies is canceled. The show co-starred Ellen Greene and Kristin Chenoweth, who were both in the running for Rita Repulsa. PF4Eva currently has Chenoweth on his cast wish list. Daeg Faerch guest starred in two episodes, one on October 29, and the other on December 3.
  • March 3, 2009
    • Faerch is let go from reprising his role as Young Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween sequel, H2, due to his "increased height." "Daeg is not a little boy anymore," says Zombie, "He is a teenager with a deep voice." Faerch had been filming on location in Georgia for a week at the time of his exit. His hundreds of thousands of fans had hoped to see Daeg as a teenage Michael Myers or a 10-year-old Myers via special effects wizardry, a la turning Brad Pitt into that Benjamin Button baby.
  • March 24, 2009
    • IMDb idiotically wipes out PF4Eva's entire posting history, including the long-lived MMPR movie remake thread, which lasted May 20, 2007 - March 17, 2009 and made it up to 32 pages of content. Subsequent threads and/or posts written by PF4Eva pertaining to the project have also been deleted by IMDb administrators for irrational reasons.
    • PF4Eva's computer starts going on the fritz, pulling an on-again/off-again start/won't start habit that has been annoying him.
  • April 7, 2009
    • PF4Eva's computer breaks and dies, but he's hoping that $100 will help save this project's files on that computer from extinction. The project is currently stalled until the files can be transfered to a new computer.
  • April 9-10, 2009
    • PF4Eva thankfully saved some of his files to disc. He prints out 29 pages of the Unrated screenplay and fixes things that need fixing. He changes the font to 12 pt. Courier font and removes bold and Italics to comply with screenplay etiquette. Thus proving once and for all that there is no curse.
  • May 20, 2009
    • My Name Is Earl gets a kharma slap when NBC cancels it after four years. Not only did Noah Crawford play Young Earl in several episodes throughout its run, but it was also a favorite show of PF4Eva, even though he didn't get to watch it as much this season as he would have liked to. He is hoping FOX picks the show up, since they already produced the show for NBC.