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Commander of the Order

Padddy5 (born Maria Santa Cruz el Piero Ala Tacktack O'Hara) is a user on Uncyclopedia. This is his/her page which you are viewing.

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He/she created the following articles:
Leslie Nielsen
Howto:Interrupt Serious News Broadcasts
Dirty Harry
Conan O'Brien
Andy Richter
Humphrey Bogart
UnNews:Ireland Bans Clerical Child Sex Abuse
UnScripts:Michael Bay's The Godfather
Grand Theft Auto IV

Edits/ Rewrites[edit]

He/she made these articles inherently funnier:
HowTo:Be a Rebel at Work(rewrite)

Clint Eastwood
Sean Connery
CSI: Miami
Tom Cruise
Ed Wood
HowTo:Make French People Surrender

Images (uploaded or editted)[edit]

English gentleman.jpg Your page has been acquired by superior Irish forces. Tea, anyone?