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About Me

I have been an Uncyclopedia user since March 10th, 2005. I have been pretending to be a sysop since March 20, 2005. I have been a bureaucrat since May 29, 2005.

You can leave a message for me on my talk page, or if you want to rat out another admin in "privacy", you can email me at: paulgb (at) gmail (dot) com. I am also on the IRC channel from time to time.

Featured Article

Banned from the Internet

As agreed on by the Masters of the Internet, there are several different ways to get permanently banned from the Internet.

The list is not strictly followed, and people are commonly banned just because the Masters of the Internet feel like it.

Getting banned from the Internet means getting your IP address removed, and your modem, computer, and any storage media that you have confiscated without trial. You will also lose your driver's license permanently, go to jail (...directly to jail! No passing go, no collecting $200), be forced to have a philosophical conversation with Neil Young, and be slapped in the face with a Hello Kitty Vibrator. Furthermore, you will be briefly sentenced to the 5th Layer of Hell, but only the part where goblins poke out your guts with spoons lubricated with mayonaise.


In real life, the Masters of the Internet all look like this Cosplay asshole.

Recent Contributions

Favorite and Popular Pages

If you have looked around much, you may have already seen some of the more popular pages that I created, including RTFM, Banned from the Internet, Air Guitar, Hippies, and Eminem.

Some of the best pages (in my opinion) that I created aren't very popular because they are about topics that are not often linked or searched. These pages include Chain mail, Greatest Inventions, and Ironman, and Weather.

Articles I started

Air Guitar (FEATURED)
April Fools Day
Banned from the Internet (FEATURED)
British#Language - (I didn't create the page, just the language part)
Chain mail
Dental Floss
Eiffel Tower - (I rewrote the first section and added the picture)
Greatest Inventions (FEATURED)
Hippies - (I created it, but almost nothing in it is still original)
Intelligent rotation
List of forms of Flattery more sincere than Copying
Lorem Ipsum
MS Paint
Native Americans - (I didn't actually start it, but I did a complete rewrite)
Podcast - (NEW)
Retards say the Darndest Things
Right and Left
Toilet Paper Paradox
Y2K Bug

A more complete list can be found on my watchlist.

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