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Fits in your pocket.[1]

pock·et [pok-it] –noun
1. a shaped piece of fabric attached inside or outside a garment and forming a pouch used esp. for carrying small articles.
the·sau·rus [thi-sawr-uhs] –noun, plural -sau·rus·es, -sau·ri [-sawr-ahy]
1. a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms.

“What an asshole.”

~ pocketthesaurus on himself


Pocketthesaurus is the secret alias of Double-O Agent Jude.[2]

Writes   : Stuff/Right handed
Bats     : Afraid of rabies/Right handed
Pitches  : Sales and tents
Likes    : Long moon-lit walks on the beach with underage girls, candle-lit 
           dinners in asbestos-filled restaurants, Star Wars, music, and stuff
Dislikes : Racists, homophobes, pro-lifers, whiny girls, filling things like this out

More stuffs[edit]

  • Likes stuff.
  • Likes sleeping.
  • Likes sleeping alone.
  • Likes sleeping with women.
  • Likes sleeping alone with women.
  • Likes sleeping under trees while dreaming of a better world, a world where men don't have to live in constant fear of God, the Devil or, to a lesser extent, Bob.
  • Likes eating.
  • Likes eating food.
  • Likes it because it tastes good.

Pictures of Things I like[edit]

(For the reading-impaired)[3]

Menu chicken sandwich.jpg Upbros.jpg Bed.jpg Robot Devil.jpg P21644k29xi.jpg File:Lightsaber yakuza.jpg

The Good Stuffs[edit]

pocketthesaurus has made some entries, written some fake news, and added wonderment to already-written entries.

Articles I've Written[edit]

Things I've explained HowTo Do[edit]

UnNews-worthy Things I've Authored[edit]

Things I've Made Major (or minor) Contributions To[edit]

Footnote stuffs[edit]

  1. Legal notice: Not really.
  2. Actually agent 011, but an honorary Double-O. Also an honorary doctor. And an honorary judge. And an honorary mayor. And a godfather. Also, he has the key to the city of Las Francisco. And the keys to the hearts of many women. Also, he is full of himself.
  3. What are you doing on this site?
  4. For all of my brothers.
  5. Most experts agree that it's a relig-elicious experience.
  6. For all of the emo kids.
  7. My personal favorite game!
  8. Much more interesting than Jean Luc Picard
  9. Relocated due to not ever being finished my laziness.
  10. Because April 16th is only 156 days away. - pocketthesaurus on October 12th, 2007
  11. True story! I heard it from my cousin, Jimmy, who was told about it from his drummer, Bob, who had heard it from his girlfriend's best-friend, Janine, who heard it from her dad's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roomate!
  12. I found it. And I'm holding it for ransom!
  13. I went to school with that guy.
  14. They waste so much ammo!