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I am PsychotypeD, as my name implies I'm a complete and utter psycho who has so many crazy ideas flowing through my brilliant brain. For those of you who are curious about the type D, it means I'm a psycho who is not dangerous (unless provoked). I pretty much think that the world of non fiction is one with the world of fiction and as a result many people have considered me to be mentally insane... heh... but I don't think I'm insane, I actually think I'm a super advance being with an incredible brain. My brilliant mind and ideas have allowed me to discover so many things that no one could possibly suspect. I know that in 2492, Invader Zim will rule as our leader and the earth will finally know peace. I also know that it is actually the Joker who is ruling McDonalds and he has personally eliminated everyone that has come close to exposing him. I have tried to present these ideas to the public, but no one ever believes me. So this is the last place I can possibly go to tell everyone the truth of the world. My ideas have all been considered to be results of a strange mental problem and they all think that I need help. The police are actually after me, but they haven't been able to capture me yet... I'm too crafty for them. Oh and I am completely AWOL... so there's no problem.

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