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A pizza a day keeps the doctor away
Above Top Secret
Alice in Sunderland
All Quiet on the Western Front
Animal Suicide
Aran Islands
Arecibo Message
Aristocrats (class)
Australian Pink Floyd
Babel:Igpay Atinlay
Bad things have happened recently
Banana Jacket
Bathroom humour
Battle of Grunwald
Battle of Guadalcanal
Behind the Music
Bipolar Girl
Bohemian Grove
Bond Villain
Boston Molasses Disaster
Brittany Hensel
Bureau of time management
Byronic hero
California Marijuana Initiative
Cancer (constellation)
Celebrity Advice
Cemetery of the Absurd
Chekhov's gun
Cheryl Cole
Chicago Seven
Collective Nouns
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously
Counting to potato
Creation myth
Crying and Wanking
Cylon and Garfunkel
Daemonic kitties
Damaged goods
Dark Science
Dead Dicks
Dear Mr. Hornet
Denise Milani's breasts
Don King
Don't Feed the Ducks!!!
Door handle
Doping in sports
Egyptian Gods
Evan Almighty
Fanny Cradock
Friday (song)
Frostbite: A Christmas LP
Fuck ChiefjusticeDS
Gallows Humour
Game of Thrones
Gastrorgasmic Cuisine
Gee, the mannequins at Old Navy sure are hot!
Girl with a Pearl Earring
God's userpage
Great Australian tourist destinations
Green Dam Youth Escort
Gross Moral Turpitude
Heaven's Gate
Herman Cain
Herod the Great
Homophones (grammar)
Horseshoes (game)
How to:Pick your nose discreetly in public/At the Park
HowTo:Annoy Richard Dawkins
HowTo:Be A College DJ
HowTo:Be a Troll
HowTo:Be Deep
HowTo:Be Happy
HowTo:Be Japanese
HowTo:Beat Shaq
HowTo:Beat the odds
HowTo:Become a Master of Disguise
HowTo:Disable a Tsar Bomba
HowTo:Face your upcoming death
HowTo:Get into Heaven
HowTo:Get your candy back off that baby
HowTo:Go into the light
HowTo:Hug another man
HowTo:Make Breakfast Dew (For Women)
HowTo:Make Breakfast Goo (For Men)
HowTo:Make me RICH
HowTo:Milk a Cow
HowTo:Persuade your husband
HowTo:Reenact History
HowTo:Replace bread with something else
HowTo:Snowboard your way to awesomeness!
HowTo:Survive a Japanese game show
HowTo:Train to look awesome!
HowTo:Turn nature into collectibles
HowTo:Understand Jersey Shore
HowTo:Write a Beck Song
HowTo:Write an Uncyclopedia article without reading any of the rules or directions or manuals or policies first
I Am the Walrus
I Have A Problem
Ich Bin Ein Celebrity Juden, Get Me Out Of Here!
In MS Paint With One Arm, While Furiously Masturbating
Indiana Jones and the Typical University-level Dig
Inter-Lights Inc
Interview with the Vampire
It's Not You, It's Me
Jack Dempsey
James Broun-Ramsay, 1st Marquess of Dalhousie
Jeff Beck
Jesus was Christian, NOT Jewish
John Connor
Katy Perry
Knights in White Satin
Last of the Mohicans
Lawn mowers
Lonely hearts column
Lunar Launch
Lynx Cool Metal Shower Gel
Madame Tussauds
Main Page Real
Major urinary proteins
Male Adolescence
Mexico tourism brochure
Microsoft knowledge base
Miley Davis
Milton Babbitt/rewrite
Minor League Baseball
Miracle Science
Mohandas Gandhi
Monster Party
Mordor Jalapeños
Mount Everest Disaster
MTV Cribs
Muammar Gaddafi
My big 9-11 whoopsie
My Lai Massacre
Nancy Drew
Nazi Hover Tank
Never on Sunday
New Threat to Christmas
New York hobos
Nothing is permanent
Nuclear semiotics
Office Space
Ol' Red
On her wedding day, saying the things left unsaid
Pac-Man (walkthrough)
Peter Dinklage
Pointy Sticks
Prince Madog
Principality of Sealand
Purple Prose
Pursuit of Happiness
Rand Paul
Raymond Chandler's "Murder on the Orient Express"
Receptive aphasia
Rich guys who blow all their money on expensive whores
RMS Olympic
Roger Hargreaves
Salsa (music)
Shakespeare Authorship Debate
Skeleton warrior
Skeptic's Annotated Santa
Snow angels
Social commentary
Sofia Coppola
Streets of Laredo
Student loan
Subliminal stimuli
Suddenly, 'coons
Suddenly, Raccoons
Take A Break (magazine)
Talk:Milton Babbitt
Tea and Strumpets
Thank God it's Friday
The Abridged Reader's Digest Abridged Classics
The Big Crunch
The Doolittle Raid
The economic effects of retarded babies
The Exorcist
The Fourth Stooge
The Godfather Part III
The Great Elephant Revolt of 2011
The Song Remains the Same
The Threat of Festivus
The toaster in Pulp Fiction
The Wire
There'll Always Be An England?
Todd Palin
ToddiPhone Viral Marketing Campaign
Tom Paine
Trainspotting (novel)
Twilight (novel)
Two and a Half Men
Uh oh!
UKIP Manifesto
UnBooks:A Pragmatic Affair
UnBooks:Bad Romance
UnBooks:Choose Your Own Adventure:One Ordinary Day
UnBooks:Conversations With My Father
UnBooks:Dr Seuss' "The Git who Stoned Christians"
UnBooks:Fear And Loathing In Blackpool, Lancs
UnBooks:Fishing For Children
UnBooks:Gallows Humour
UnBooks:Interesting Excerpts from My Mother's Diary
UnBooks:Jacques Attali's guide to predicting your future
UnBooks:Keith Richards
UnBooks:Let's take a walk in the city!
UnBooks:My Daddy Has Two Yachts
UnBooks:My Tedious Day
UnBooks:The Diary of Neville Chamberlain
UnBooks:The Old Man and LV
UnBooks:The Revelations of St John the Divine of Woking
UnBooks:The Uncyclonomicon - Into the Silent Screaming Mouth of Madness
UnBooks:The Wait
UnBooks:The Whimsical World of Freedom of Expression
UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure To Asia
UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure To The Zoo
Un-British Activities
Uncle John's Fetus Burgers and Abortion Clinic
Uncyclopedia is almost full
Uncyclopedia made my life more different
Uncyclopedia:Don't Eat Waffles Here
UnDebate:Is it ever right to restrict freedom of speech?
UnDebate:Is it morally unacceptable to have babies?
Unfomercials:Bulimic Barbee
UnMovie Review:Inception (2010)
UnNews:"All Narcissists Look In A Mirror Day" celebrated
UnNews:5-year-old tricks Wisconsin governor
UnNews:911 conspiracies explained by a sandwich
UnNews:Abraham Lincoln was an asshat, historian concludes
UnNews:Alaska woman wins 2011 International Punching-A-Bear-In-The-Face Championship
UnNews:Amnesty International unfriends Uganda
UnNews:Banks give up defense of burgling customer's houses
UnNews:Barack Obama proposes legalizing prostitution, pot in effort to balance budget, avoid tax increases
UnNews:Bin Laden captured after checking-in on Foursquare
UnNews:Bomb bomb bomb – bomb bomb McCain
UnNews:Bruce Springsteen recording of "Tick Tock" surfaces
UnNews:Cancer research causes cancer
UnNews:Chance meeting between acquaintances causes awkward moment
UnNews:Chinese claim Ron Paul unerectable
UnNews:Civil war hits Wisconsin
UnNews:Crackpot confirms irrational suspicions after viewing online news piece
UnNews:Crippled Boy Arrested For Sitting During the Pledge of Allegiance
UnNews:Deity seeks Gagging Order
UnNews:Doors singer Jim Morrison wins profanity and exposure pardon
UnNews:Encyclopædia Dramatica ends undramatically, world celebrates
UnNews:FACT CHECK: Birthday Card not as Accurate as Hoped
UnNews:Faggot had personal problem with me
UnNews:Fantasy realms left defenseless in wake of Warcraft expansion pack
UnNews:FED cites plight of Kennedy, Jesus to warn dissenters
UnNews:Fred Phelps reads rest of Bible, disbands Westboro Baptist Church
UnNews:Grinch calls Whovillians 'invented people'
UnNews:Humans evolved from dinosaurs
UnNews:Journalists unable to wait for the 10th anniversary of 9/11
UnNews:Justin Bieber eats a sandwich
UnNews:Local author gives up on dream
UnNews:Local grandmother finally uses printer
UnNews:Madden 12 to feature new Lockout Mode
UnNews:Maria speaks to us
UnNews:Michigan supreme court votes in favor of rapper
UnNews:Newt Gingrich Doesn't Need You, Newt Gingrich Doesn't Need ANYBODY
UnNews:North Korea celebrates Miley's birthday
UnNews:North Korea purge football team after 7-0 humiliation
UnNews:Numbers at all time low
UnNews:Obama doodles random shit
UnNews:Obama: We're not responsible for drones with US Army emblem's actions
UnNews:Old people more likely to die, study shows
UnNews:Our Great Leader Kim Jong-un brings even more prosperity to us glorious North Koreans
UnNews:Polls indicate Americans are terrified
UnNews:Post-structuralist engineer blamed for bridge disaster
UnNews:Refugee Pandas safe in Scotland
UnNews:Release of new Elder Scrolls game results in mass existential crisis
UnNews:Renewed violence in 506,220th day of Israeli-Palestinian conflict
UnNews:Son of Gaddafi caught attempting to enter Canada
UnNews:Stand Up to Stand Up to Cancer
UnNews:Stay strong, great people, for Kim Jong-il passed away
UnNews:Study: Blueberries are actually just peas holding their breath
UnNews:Tea Party supporters oppose plans to display severed heads of 9/11 victims at Ground Zero
UnNews:Teenager admits to having fun; D.E.A. moves to classify 'fun' as a Schedule I drug
UnNews:Tom Boonen wins Paris-Roubaix cycling race while smoking a cigar
UnNews:Tour de France 2011 filled with controversies
UnNews:Tournament of Hell to be played again for first time in six years
UnNews:Tupperware Rave Is Huge Success
UnNews:U.S. Supreme Court allows everyone to go naked
UnNews:Uncyclopedia UnSignpost to appear before Leveson Inquiry
UnNews:UnNews editors vote: 'We wanted an iPad 3'
UnNews:Unrest in Syria, nobody cares
UnNews:Warrant sent out for the arrest of the Wonderpets
UnNews:WikiLeaks reveals I was an accident
UnNews:Wisconsin resident becomes last man in nation to approve of Congress
UnNews:World distracted, Israel reverts to scheming
UnNews:Zeus Endorses Schwarzenegger for Republican Presidential Candidacy
UnRecipe:Fantastik flavored hallucinogenic ham with Uranium seasoning
UnReviews:The Merchant of Venice
UnReviews:The Road (2009)
UnScripts:Good Cop Inanimate Cop
UnScripts:Good Dog/Bad Dog
UnScripts:Law & Order: Puritan New England
UnScripts:Star Trek (film, 2009 reboot)
UnScripts:Steal Bank Customer Service training video
UnScripts:The Single Caucasian Roommate
UnScripts:Titanic Wireless Transmissions Conspiracy
UnScripts:Waiting For Breivik
UnTunes:Ain't Another Way (The Pedophile's Lament)
UnTunes:Can't Be Blamed (For My Shitty Music)
UnTunes:Still Alive (Bin Laden 2011 Cover)
UnTunes:Uncyclopedia Didn't Start The Fire
Updating The Classics
User:Dr. Skullthumper/10 reasons to defrost Frosty
User:Electrified mocha chinchilla/MainPage
User:JebusCryst/Vandalism/example on wheels!/Archive 19
User:Zombiebaron/Uncyclopedia Reskin Committee/zork
Vandalism/example on wheels!/Archive 19
Visual puns
War of Colonial Aggression
Wesley willis
Whatcha thinking about?
What's a nigga gotta do to get a Pee Review around here?
Where The Wild Onions Grow
Why?:Categorise pages
Why?:Do I need to provide this?
Why?:Does Mads Mikkelsen not speak one line of dialogue in Valhalla Rising?
Why?:Invade the Falklands
Why?:IPs can't edit the main page
Why?:Not fly Air Zimbabwe?
Why?:You should get a new couch
Workaround-oriented programming