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You are 62, but everyone still wants to fuck you.
Happy birthday, Israel.

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“I went to a party, and the dj played Sit Down by James, so we all sat down. Then he played Jump around, by House of Pain, and we all jumped around. Then he played Come on Aileen, and I got kicked out.”

~ The Rabbi on Parties
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The Rabbi answers your question here:
Zol makekhs voxen offen tsung!

Shalom Aleichem, Dearest Reader,

I'm Rabbi Techno, and that's why I drink.[1] I've been hanging around this pit of iniquity for however long it says I have in that box just up to the top left of this message.[2] which means if you happen to have come here looking for help with something YOU'RE A FOOL! I may be able to offer it - if I can't, I know a large percentage on the Uncyclopedian community[3] and so it's likely I'll be able to put you in touch with somebody else who can help you. The best way to contact me if you're after help or have a query[4] is to use the Kvetch Here button, which you can find right after this - it'll whisk you off as if by magic to the far-off enchanted kingdom known as my talkpage, where you can ask whatever you want/verbally abuse me as you see fit - I'll answer you on your own talkpage if it's a matter of importance and/or urgency[5], because I'm nice like that. It is also possible that you are here to protest the fact that I huffed/edited/ICU'd something you wrote[6] - if so, now you've read this bit, please feel free to continue with the vandalising you came here to do - for your convenience, here's a list of all my articles so you can blank all of them too if you like[7]. Cheers!

signed, User:RabbiTechno/sig

  1. Rabbinical credentials not available, since I got booted out of the yeshivah for smoking crack during Torah study.
  2. In fact, I've been around longer than that if you count my old username, for which I've long forgotten the password.
  3. Note that it is a community. It is by no means a cabal, never was and never will be. There is no cabal.
  4. ie; fashion tips, what music you should like in order to be cool, how to impress members of whichever sex appeals most greatly to you, quick and easy ways to remove rodents from bodily orifices, etc.
  5. Or an offer of money/whisky.
  6. [I am, after all, Hitler. Or so it is said.]
  7. . Seriously - go on, knock yourself out. We have these things called roll back buttons, you see. It's not a problem.

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The Rabbi would like to draw your attention to the two online newspapers that he edits, reports from both of which are frequently available on UnNews:

The newspaper for idiots who know they're idiots and want to see naked women.

The newspaper for fascist idiots who don't know they're idiots and want to read about how foreigners are to blame for everything.

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