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The humble Y-front was invented by Yeoman Front, he was tired of everything hanging out all of the time, expecially now that Adam had moved into his Parisian appartment. For a while he had suspected that Adam was gay, expecially when he tossed him off in front of own his mother. When he confronted Adam, he said that it was good for his health.

Believe me, Yeoman didn't think to kindly of Adam's act of kindness, he decided that enough was enough. He needed a way of covering his privates, without it being to hard to go for a piss.

The First Stage[edit]

The first stage consisted of planning his idea. The first thing to do was to draw it out. At first he thought of a suit thta covered all of his body, so he made it. However, he found this to hard to get out of, so he had to get Adam to cut him out, Adam was very pleased to do that.

His next idea was to have the body suit, but this time it only covered the bottom half, but he realised that he had just made a trouser again. Having spent most of his money on fabric, he only had a small amount of fabric left so he had to make a really small trouser-y like design that ONLY covered the groin and had a bit of material that went round the waist so it did not fall down. At last he had a success, much to Adam's dismay. However, there was no opening, so he made a special opening, it the shape of a "Y".

The Second Stage[edit]

The second stage was naming his creation. His first name idea was "The Groin Holder" but Adam pointed out that it was so "gay", so he decided against it. He had seen many inventors naming there product after themselves; like Ford, Macdonalds, and KFC. The "Front" he exlaimed Yeoman one day, but yet again Adam pointed out that, that to was "gay". So back to the drawing board went Yeoman. That night he had an epiphany, "Ahha the Y-Front!!" he yelled. (Note, a few hours prior to the event of the naming, Yeoman had evicted Adam from his appartment Big Brother style).

The Third Stage[edit]

After finally creating and naming the y-front. He needed to decide what he was going to make them out of. At first he thought maybe leather, but when he came round to trying them on he found that it was extreamely hard to get them on, so he decided against that. Next he thought about nylon, when he tried them on they fitted perfectly, that was until he got an erection. The problem with nylon is that it stretches, perfect for fat guys. But what about the average Joe? He had heard of this cotton stuff and so he made a pair out of it, it was really soft on his balls.


Although Yeoman stopped making Y-fronts himself other people did. Soon there were many variations covering many boy's and men's packages. There were now patterns on them and famous icons on them like spiderman and funny phrases like, "Instant Womaniser. Blow Here." The Y-front had become a success, it was both practical and erotic, apart from if you're a fat American wearing a pair of shit stained ones rubbing your Bitch Tits.