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Midkiff Land, a GEIGH retared place.

Midkiff Land is a desolate place where fun, reason, and sensibility goes to die. Clearly, this is a GEIGH place that needs to be wiped clean off the face of the Earth, by means of Dexter111344's huge genitalia.


Midkiff Land was made when Dexter111344 swung his 25 foot long penis at Syndrome like it was the Large Hardon Collider. He missed and hit a cemetery. How he could possibly miss Syndrome's massive girth is a mystery to this day.

Clearly though, Dexter111344 is really great but a little retarded, and he has a large penis and balls. He's nowhere as retarded as Bad Shroom, though. He's an ass.


No one lives in Midkiff Land except Mr. Winkler, Dexter111344, and dead GEIGH people with huge balls.


Dexter111344 and Bad Shroom have sabotaged Midkiff Land on many occasions, and the residents live in fear of Dexter111344's massive and destructive member, cowering as he stomps across the land, creating numerous pits and trenches with his 25 foot long penis. Since half of the population is retarded, many citizens have a tendency to fall into these holes where they eventually starve to death and die, or are frozen solid in Bad Shroom's left over cum.


Clearly, DEXTER111344 is the greatest wizard-type being ever, and he has a gigantic penis to prove it. Except his balls, which are small. Wait, wasn't he castrated or something?