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14 Years is the second track on the Guns N' Roses album Use Your Illusion II. This song is one of the few Guns N' Roses songs sung fully by Izzy Stradlin, with the exception of the chorus sung along with Rose.[1] The song was only performed live when Stradlin was still in the band.[2] It is about Rose's and Stradlin's friendship as they knew each other for 14 years.[3]


The Remington Steelers recorded a cover version with a completely modified second and third verse (probably based on an earlier GNR demo[4]) in April 2008 for their album The IPO Incident?, with Daniel Radcliffe singing the first and third verses and Robert Knox singing the second verse. Rupert Grint sings the chorus along with Daniel or Robert. This was the format used during Tour de America in 3-D. Hours after the band and Robert finished the shoot for the music video, though, Robert was stabbed to death by Chav muggers. The band later performed at his funeral and was signed up to perform this song and others during the Robert Knox Memorial Concert at Donington on November 21. During all performances for The IPO Tour?, though, the UYI II version was sung, with much aggression as now Stradlin, who was the band's "honorary fifth member", had to sing the second verse like he used to during club performances; part of the first verse was changed to "Up to my neck in horseshit / With dust and pain", and during the second chorus, Rupert changed the second line to "It's been 14 years of FUCKING PAIN!" (with the last two words yelled). Later in the song, Emma Watson said "motherfucker"; these very events occured during a previous GNR performance of the song (except that time Izzy, Axl, and Duff contributed to the aggression instead of Daniel, Rupert, and Emma)[5]. The band is expected to use the recorded version again during The Robert Knox Memorial Concert.

Music video[edit]

A music video was made starring the band and Robert Knox. The entirety of the video was shot at Pinewood Studios in London and opened with Kay Panabaker hammering out the drum intro. Then we see Daniel playing the bass and singing the first verse. After Rupert and Daniel sing the chorus, we see Emma at the keyboards playing a jazzy tune. Then Robert sings the second verse, and after Rupert and Robert sing the second chorus, Emma hammers out the guitar solo, followed by Daniel playing the bass and singing the third and final verse. Then we see the band jamming it out during the hard-rocking outro.