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“How could she be so cool?”

~ Emma Watson on So Fine

“It could be foreshadowing of my own death, because since I do my own stunts, it's a miracle I'm still living, what with all the danger involved.”

~ Emma Watson on the tombstones in the music video

So Fine is the tenth track on Use Your Illusion II by Guns N Roses. The song is not only sung by bass guitarist Duff McKagan, but it was written by him as a tribute to the deceased punk rock musician Johnny Thunders. Hell yeah Johnny! Too bad nobody save for Duff (and the Remington Steelers, see below) pays attention to you or this song, and kudos to Emma Watson for suggesting that her tribute band cover this song shortly after Robert Knox kicked the bucket.


The Remington Steelers will cover the song for their tenth album, The Harsh Reality. The song will be sung from a lesbian perspective by Emma Watson, who is notoriously straight.

Music video[edit]

The music video will begin shooting on December 1, 2008, and it will feature Emma as a lesbian cross-dresser who chases after a girl (Kay Panabaker) in the cold of northern Canada. At the end of the video, the lesbian cross-dresser will catch up with the girl at a cemetery in England and, before meeting her, crosses by two tombstones. The tombstone on the left will read "ROBERT KNOX 1989-2008", while the tombstone on the right will read "EMMA WATSON 1990-2008". This foreshadowing was deliberately added by Emma, who feared that in 2008, one of her own stunts could kill her.