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Arnold at the ticket booth at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles before the show

Tour de America is the first of several tours by the Remington Steelers. It ran from March 15, 2003 to June 13, 2003 and started several traditions in live performances by the band, including mosh pits, video segments, and wandering around in the audience.


Tour de America was a promotional tour not only for their latest then-coming-soon album Killer Steelers, but also for the band itself as it included songs from their previous albums as well.

Cookie Monster wants an explanation of the high mosh pit injury rate at Yankee Stadium

One tradition started by this tour was moshing. In this tour, the songs moshed to were the heavy metal segment of "Bohemian Rhapsody", the New Wave song "Call Me", the Queen hit "Killer Queen", and Motley Crue's own "Shout at the Devil". The high injury rate that resulted, usually at Yankee Stadium in New York City, attracted the ire of Sesame Street Muppets, especially Cookie Monster.

Another tradition was video segments playing on a silver screen, especially recent "E-TV" ("E" standing for "Emma") segments that show Emma Watson interviewing a music star (such as Brian May) or relative (such as Yoko Ono), although sometimes, a different video would play as well.

Yet another tradition was the person doing the vocals for a song (in this case, Rupert Grint with the song "American Pie") stage diving and wandering in the audience for much of the song. This would go on for all future tours, and if a song where the singer wandered in the audience played again, the singer would do it again.

Still another tradition was the costumes changing after the lights went off and before they came back on. At this time, Rupert was only beginning as a cross-dresser, and he never performed any of the songs in drag during this or the next tour. It was not until The Guns N Roses 20th Anniversary Tour that Rupert started appearing in drag during even one song. Emma's top varied between songs, but she almost always wore a leather jacket and blue jeans. Other than that, the costumes for all the band members appeared different each time the lights went back on.


B - La Bamba
d# - My Bologna
Gb - American Pie
B - MacArthur Park
b - Moonlight densetsu
Ab - Bohemian Rhapsody
c# - Call Me
Eb - Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Db - Under Pressure
E - Killer Queen
g# - Shout at the Devil
B - School Cafeteria
D - Theme from Speed Racer
Eb - Mickey
A - Instant Karma