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June 7 2008

London, England - Well-known Encino cover band The Remington Steelers has returned to England.

The two core members, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, and bassist Daniel Radcliffe returned for two reasons: The first reason is so they could have a good opportunity to visit their old homes.

But everyone, including drummer Kay Panabaker and the band's journeymen, have come for another reason: to pay tribute to Robert Knox, a co-star in Bleach, which Emma stars in, who was stabbed to death while protecting his brother from muggers.

The funeral opened with Emma, clad in a black jumpsuit and leather jacket, playing her own version of the military funeral song "Taps" on her Gibson electric guitar.

The band then proceeded to become the first people to play hard rock songs at a funeral. Before the band played the two songs, "Live and Let Die" and "Civil War", both by Guns N Roses, Rupert had this to say:

“The two songs we are going to perform here today were songs Robert liked. He was our numero uno fan and appeared with Emma in her movies on occasion. One time, he played Daniel's rival at track and field, Kagurazaka. Another time, he played the lead role, Ichigo Kurosaki, in Bleach. The other reason why we're performing "Live and Let Die" and "Civil War" is because "Live and Let Die" was played at the funeral for King Harold in Shrek the Third and "Civil War" is an anti-war anthem. I mean, look at how violently this poor chap died! We're performing "Civil War" because it's anti-violence, and he died violently, and we all hate violence. Those bloody muggers... he's the 14th teenage victim of murder this year in this capital city! And now... "Live and Let Die" and "Civil War", back to back.”

The performance of "Civil War" was regarded as fitting, because of the lyrics of one of the verses. The band is scheduled to return to Encino, California today to finish production on their ninth album, The IPO Incident?, with Moby.