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This article was so unfunny that it was voted for deletion in January 2010, and told not to return until it gets a photo or gets funnier.

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This page might be useful as a glossary for the other articles on Perú. But it isn't terribly funny and everyone knows it. You can try to help. But not by adding entries about the names Manolo-the-cholo called you when he beat you up last week.

As Eskimos have dozens of words for snow, Peruvians have a variety of choices when talking about getting drunk and defecating.

Important Peruvian words[edit]

The close similarity between the national obscenities and ordinary words in non-Peruvian Spanish is just a little obstacle course by which Peruvians amuse themselves by tripping up tourists.

"coger"--Simply means "get" in Spain; but in Perú, it sounds more like "grab by the ass."
"¡conchudo!"--Exclamation about, or description of, someone who takes advantage of you.
"el chifa"--Chinese take-out place
"choche"--buddy (Please do not confuse chucha, cunt--or use cachucha, Mexican for "baseball cap" in mixed company)
"chocherita"--big-headed buddy
"cholo"--(1) Darkie, (2) gangster, (3) poor person. An insult in any case.
"choro"--An Oriental cholo--sometimes, a cholo who stole from you
"fulbito"--futbol (soccer) on a small court
"grifo"--griffin: A gas station (even if it isn't Mobil or it has a modern sign without the griffin).[1]
"huevón"--A clumsy or stupid person, as though hindered by large testicles (huevos, eggs)
"huevada"--An act of clumsiness or stupidity by a huevón
"mani"--peanut (or someone with a tiny penis)
"peruano" (not peruviano)--Peruvian
"pichanga"--A well-known game that is essentially tackle soccer
"pila"--One of many euphemisms for pee
"poto"--butt (¡Huele poto!--It smells awful)
"serenazgo"--A well-dressed cholo who's supposed to be a security guard

What you get when you slur Spanish[edit]

"shi pe"--si, pues (well, yes)
"cha tu mae"--chinga tu madre (mothafucka)
"fercho"--Your chofer (chauffeur), if he's too stupid to figure out that you're talking about him
"i-i-i-invita-a pe-e"--(someone pretending to be a cholo begging for food)
"nai"--none of nothing or nothing of none
"¡pasa naa!"--(no pasa nada) It's boring!
"uon"--huevón (see above)

Phrases for buying and consuming booze[edit]

"vao al grifo"--vamos al grifo (for grifo, see above)--Underage kids proposing to buy cheap alcohol[2] at a gas station
"arriba, al centro, a la mierda"--(A toast)
"Chim Pun (Callao)"--(A toast)
"pásame la botella"--Pass me the bottle (Let's drink 'til morning)

Phrases about shit and shitting[edit]

These phrases are often not exactly as defined here. The point of using any of them is never precision.

"pa la mierda"--A bunch of drunks
"a la mierda"--Who gives a shit?
"cagadazo"--fucked up
"Se me sale el topo" (or el torombolo)--I'm going to need a bathroom soon.
"Vete a la mierda"--Fuck off and die.

Stereotypical insults[edit]

"ardilla"--You are always horny
"pavo"--You don't have friends and you don't have fun
"Maga Maga"--(The worst insult in schools)

Still unclassified and mostly crap[edit]

"man"--How Lima's surfers refer to one another. They are imagining they are in Jamaica.
"De hecho"--For sure
"habla"--Hello, what's up?
"esta pa darle!"--A sexually attractive girl you wish you could have in bed
"wich”--cool! (wichaso--very cool) (pa toa la gente wich For all the cool people)
"wich"--may also be used to mean witch


  1. A grifo might not even be a gas station but a choza (shack) or some guy with a barrel at the side of the road.
  2. Such as Cartavio, Punto G, Paramonga, and Ron Triple X.

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