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December 10, 2019 10:27 UTC

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Americans will enjoy seeing how a soccer game actually looks.

Referees again dictate outcome of match

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- For the second time in mere weeks, the forces of history, destiny, and attractive leads for news articles were thwarted by the insistence of organized sport that decisions affecting the outcome of games be made by referees.
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Now it will never be known who won the Car Football Finals.

Koreans furious after goal not shown

SEOUL, South Korea -- Fans across South Korea were up in arms today after a TV station interrupted a Hyundai car advert to show members of the English national football team celebrating a goal in their World Cup match. The coverage, in a move sure to anger millions of Koreans, did not subsequently return to the advert.
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England Manager Capello struck by the existential quandry

Scientists dampen World Cup enthusiasm by concluding football really is just 22 men running around a field chasing a ball

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- Oxford University have chosen the opening day of the 2010 FIFA World Cup to report the findings of their ten year study. It confirmed what millions of women and near-women have long suspected: football really is just twenty-two men running around a field after a ball.
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