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August 18, 2019 17:09 UTC

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The couple is best known for a tonsil-hockey match that entered overtime during the 2000 Democratic Nominating Convention.

Al and Tipper Gore split up

NASHVILLE, Tennessee -- Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, announced that they are separating, but declined further comment. That is why it's remarkable to think that Tipper Gore would give an exclusive interview to UnNews.
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The Secretary of State's new look signifies a more manly response toward the northern aggressors.

North Korea sinks ship, but this time things will be different

SEOUL, South Korea -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the world must respond to North Korea's sinking of a South Korean ship. The usual response, known as the Madeleine-Condoleeza-Hillary Doctrine, is to send a female diplomat to the secretive regime, who promises food, fuel, and cash if North Korea promises to start acting better from now on.
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Are...are you asking me?

Libertarian wins primary, reporters sharpen knives

BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky -- The primary victory of free-market candidate Rand Paul became an occasion for reporters to bring out their toughest questions, on everything from repeal of the 1965 Civil Rights Act to personal ownership of nuclear weapons.
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