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About Me[edit]

For the made-up but true back story of my life, go here‎. I'm really a professor at a famous college (that I won't name to avoid people tracking me down). I'm an expert on humor (funny, random, and dark) and on phobias, mostly coulrophobia (fear of clowns). I actually love clowns but I am also an expert on people who fear them. I also am a high-ranking mercenary in the employment of The Joker do not work for a demented clown-faced criminal mastermind.

The Plan[edit]


This user is an employee of The Joker not a high-ranking mercenary in the employment of a criminal mastermind.

Nope. No followers of a demented clown here.
Why so serious?

The Batman must die.

My plan is simple: kill the Batman. Without the batman, gotham is nothing. We have many plans, involving sharks, exploding birthday cakes, boxes with spring-loaded boxing gloves inside, and rabid killer bats (for irony). The rabid bats are a little difficult to handle though, to say the least. If anyone is or knows someone who is licensed to handle rabid bats please contact me.

The Hall of Fame (These are pictures that I designed, but also is kind of like the autograph section in the yearbook in that you can feel free to leave any kind of message or quote here just sign it after thank you very much)[edit]

This is a bunch of stupid bull shit text that is here so I can put pictures on the left and

Abraham Lincoln is seen here defending his intern from the hordes of the damned.

right so they aren't fucking huge do you like seinfeld that one about the stapler is on tonight fucking awesome My Name Is Earl is a great show holy shit it definitley is grurururururururururururues blahahahahahahahahhaha isn't it a nice day for a white wedding it's a great day to start a band and holy shit Raining Blood by Slayer is awesome mwahahahahahaha

Yep, we should be totally safe in here.

because in Soviet Russia blood reigns in YOU!! damn I put an ending punctuation mark

LithiYum! will make you feel like, at least twenty bucks.

that really pisses me off that damn football player guy mike vick or something needs to stop

Sweet Jesus!!! Kittens attack an unsuspecting n00b in Halo 8: Halo Kitty.

dog fighting it's fucking sick and messed up add 3 cups of milk 2 teaspoons of sugar and huffing gasoline is not fucking good for you don't do it you fucking dick head you little shit-eating turd I'll kick your ass if they take my stapler i'll have to set the

Oh, shit. You made him angry. God help us...

building on fire and i was told I could listen to my radio at a reasonable volume jonathan put

An old man being attacked by a duck.

down that binder from 9 to 11 and settle down beavis and PC LOAD LETTER?!?! WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN!?!? sorry I used ending punctuations again but it was so I could emphasize the GO SUCK A DAMMIT point of saying what the fuck does that mean what does it mean anyway weird where was I actually SUITCASE PENIS where I was is of no use to me now so where AM I very good

Your grandfather after you "CLOGGED UP THE DAMN COMMODE!!!

and very

A rare photo of a competition. God speed, my friends.

niiice so let us rest here around the camp fire and sing old irish drinking songs well here we are glad you've been listening to my advice I'm just here for the oyster crackers

Safety Sam says, "Tell your parents to stop chugging vodka and fly through the school zone doing eighty!"






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“The Saint giveth, the Saint taketh away”

~ Saint Jimmy on Givingeth and takingeth?

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