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Sawblade5's FAQ

  1. Why is your name Sawblade5?
    I have chosen this name because of the fact that I am a road fan and here in Kansas, because the way the state route markers are shaped. They look kinda like sawblades and the fact that you can buy a circular sawblade paint it Yellow and put a number on it would probally pass as being a state route markers to most drivers, also since Kansas Highway 5 is less than a mile from my house, that is where the number came in at hence: Sawblade5.
  2. WTF? Where have you been?
    Been very busy working on a Union Job at General Motors. Usually 434 Hours a week so its hard to find time here.
  3. A/S/L?
  4. Do you even care?
    What the fuck? Hell No!
  5. Seriously Do you care?
    Don't make me beat the crap out of you I said no.
  6. Why are you such a usless Gobshite?
    Becasue I have been very busy working and don't have much time for editing.
  7. What's 1+1?
    I forgot.
  8. Does Anyone Care about you?
    Probably Not they don't even nom me or vote for me anywhere including Uncyclopedia:Useless Gobshite of the Month or UN:FFS.
  9. What happened to Sawblade1-4?
    They are gone I got rid of em.
  10. Has Zombiebaron vandalized this page?
    Yes. I guess.
  11. What is your phone number?
    You can find out by dialing 0118 999 881 999 119 7253.
  12. Which page would you like to see Huffed the most?
    The Main Page of course. I am finding too many facts there and nobody cares about it.
  13. Do you get blocked often?
    No I have only been blocked 5 times and the last one came a few days ago for the length of judgement day which came only about 4 minutes after being blocked. Also its because the fact that nobody cares and the admins are too busy blocking Cajek to even care to block me.
  14. How frequently are you asked these FAQs?
    Lots and lots of times, but I posted them here and don't get bugged by them anymore.

That's it for now. If you need to ask me a question then go to my talk page.