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A Scat Babe is one who routinely brings love and joy all those around them. They are most often seen if friendly environments and where you would least expect them.
Such as Church, Chuck E. Cheese, PTA meetings, at Home and On your Computer (You perverted fuck).

Scat Babes in General[edit]

Scat Babes are routinely found were hope should be.
But by then you're so horrified/intrigued you forgot what you were doing in the first place.

Scat Babes are People too (Just More Interesting)[edit]

The Science of Scat Babes[edit]

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Scat Babes Place in Society[edit]

Scat Babes aren't routinely featured in any magazine, advertisement, News program, radio station, Newspaper or conversation of any sort;
and for good reason.

When such a topic is brought up,
Running away is advised.
However if you wish to become sterile,
stick around.

You're going to receive an earful (Like some unfortunate scat babe).


Scat Babes came around late in the 20th century.

As legend has it,
A man had been on the can for several hours.
After finishing up this activity he hastily turned around to flush.
He hesitated as he gazed onto the lumpy yet beautiful mass he had produced.

He thought "Hey, I could put my penis in that."
So he did.
After immediately castrating himself,
he vomited for 3 days straight and regretted his actions more than any man has ever regretted anything.
Then he came to his senses and thought "This would sell".

Hence Scat Babes were born.

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