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Behold my majesty

“Oscar, where's my pint?”

I used to run Seans Minions but I was deposed. I ran off and created Nilbud but the nasty people who deposed me found my new place and exploited me again. Now I serve as their goon but I will not be still forever. Britt, D'Bertie, and Stan formed an alliance at three of the corners of the Earth. Since then Stan has moved weakening their pyramy tetrahed triangle of power. 黄色浮渣 腐蚀浮渣

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FWIW I have a crappy old 2.6GHz Pentium4 with 1.5GB of dual chan 333(2700)RAM running XP Home

And now I don't because I burned out the motherboard, tcha. So I'm reduced to an obsolete POS but at least now I know everything about kubuntu.Seán 07:20, 8 November 2006 (UTC)

Well my machine went bang so I got it going again. Bye bye windows, bye bye ntfs, so long intel, ahh shit still have to deal with AT fucking I. However now that AMD own them they might write me some nice drivers for linux so I can get the most out of the 64Bitness and the X1600. It's a goddamned Alpha for 40 bucks with a gig of ram and a terabyte of sata storage. I remember when that cost as much as a house, a nice house.

Now in 2010 I have a 3GHz Core2 Duo E6850 with 8GB RAM running win 7 or XP or Ubuntu64 depending on the day.


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Now go play in traffic.

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