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Welcome to Shandon's Userzone.

Hi <insert name here>, thanks for visting my userzone. My userpage got so cluttered I decided to renovate. Thanks to e|m|c for the code I sporked. Take the nickel tour, why dontcha. Try not to leave fingerprints on the awards in the trophy room please.

So what's the nick all about? Shandon, from Silverlock by John Myers Myers. NOT Shandon from Isle of the Dead by Roger Zelazny (another fine book). Must be the BA in Business Administration, which I share. Or was it the cynicism?! ('A sunburn on him would cause me no discomfort at all.') Zietgeist. Think it's girly? Read the book.

I write, sing, act, cook, drink and do a lot of volunteer work for my city. When I discovered uncyclopedia I was running a metal shop but now I am business development manager for a full-scope IT firm. My home is a hardwood floored, quiet apartment near the mountains and the sea.

Some hero worshipping: Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Kitchener, John and Bobby Kennedy, Storm Constantine.


Things I've Done In The Real World

The material world has thus far used me as a:

  • recycling plant manager (24/7 operation, 35 staff)
  • garment factory manager (2 shifts, 150 staff)
  • sales & marketing manager for large power generation equipment
  • credit manager
  • metalshop supervisor
  • custom homebuilder / renovator
  • city hall committee chairman, application reviewer for grant monies totaling about $200K annually for the past 5 years, and drafter of policy papers on density bonusing, health care and recreation centers. All volunteer.

I have written over 40 short stories. Most are about crime and social science. For five years I trained kung fu four or five nights a week.

Favorite tomes:

"Doom was woven in your nerves..." ~Robert Lowell

Cannabagreen.jpg This user is Canadian
...and stands for truth,
universal health care
and HOCKEY games!

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