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About ShizzleMacDaddy[edit]

ShizzleMacDaddy showing off his moves

ShizzleMacDaddy's real name is Nick G (just the letter "G" got it Max?). He is 16 years old, an uncyclopedian n00b, and a proud owner of an Apple Sex-Box

"T3h Ub3r W3b1337 [email protected]"[edit]

"T3h Ub3r W3b1337 [email protected]" literally translates to "Hello and welcome to the uberleet hizzome of the Shizz..." or something like that. Word on teh strizzeets iz that speaking of such nonsense will result in getting laid... or killed. End of discussion.

Sex Life[edit]

Lets face it, its dead.

Life in da hood[edit]

Lets see.. ShizzleMacDaddy lives in "da hood" of a bunch of rich and spoiled white kids who need a whoopin but ain't getting one


I think that gray will do just fine.. but blue is nice.

Life as a particle[edit]

Whats there to say... other than, "Whats there not to say..."