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Hi <insert name here>, make yourself at home, here have a reindeer-skin...

Unfortunately it seems no-one much cares for our most esteemed Steppe-dwelling Brahmin, so for the meantime, perhaps you can spend your time here mending the leaky roof. Or re-setting the bear traps...


My yurt. Except I don't have a bike, or a casually dressed Central Asian man, or a chimney, or two cows, or...

About Siddhartha Wolf[edit]

Real Name: Sidney Arthur Wolff

So why the name? I've been asked this a few times, so I might as well confirm that it is a portmanteau of references to two books I like (both by the same author) - Siddhartha and Steppenwolf (incidentally the band were named after the book). I stuck them together and liked what I saw. I also have a healthy respect for Buddhism and American Werewolf in London, so it works all round really.

Currently Listening to: Autechre, I don't know why.

List of Random Awesome Movies:[edit]

  • Spoorloos (1988)
  • Through a Glass Darkly (196x)
  • Rashomon (195x)
  • Fargo (1997)
  • Apocalypse Now (1979)
  • The Thing (1981)
  • The Third Man (194x)
  • Haxan (1922)
  • The King of Comedy (1980)

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