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Gabriel Bell

In 2024, very poor economics in the USA caused the segregation of the poor and mentally challenged (Read: fucking retarded). Instead of tending to their needs for jobs and healthcare, our people threw them in to what was called sanctuary districts, where these people would live out a hard life of violence and homelessness. Ronald Reagan's dream was accomplished. Eventually tensions grew, and the people of the sanctuary districts started to fight their oppressors. In one lead instance, a processing center in sanctuary district "A" of San Francisco was taken by force, and all of the higher class employees were held hostage.

Even though Gabriel Bell was from sanctuary "A" himself, he found it necessary to take charge of the hostage situation, and prevent his peers from killing innocent government employees. An angry proletariat quickly dispatched him, and he was resurrected. Starfleet was born, ever to spew it's toxic waste onto our television sets.